Never mind Tiger v Phil, let’s send in the clowns and then go watch the Solheim Cup

I have to say I was pretty shocked myself when I heard how bad the greens were going to be this week at the last playoff game. I agree with this writer – you would think that with a year to plan this, they just might have foreseen a potential problem with the southern heat and mitigated some of the risks associated with this “above normal” summer wave (did someone mention global warming?). They had to see this coming.

Well, it will be an interesting week for sure. I think I’ll watch the Solheim Cup instead. I saw the 1990 Cup on the golf channel this AM while getting ready for work. It was so great to see the big names from the past when they were in their prime like Nancy Lopez, Laura Davies, Beth Daniel, Pat Bradley, Rosie Jones and one of my favorite on-course commentators: Dottie (Pepper) Mochrie.

Yup…Solheim looks like a lot more fun and there will be a lot less “bitching” than at the PGA playoffs this week.


Never mind Tiger v Phil, let’s send in the clowns

Daily Mail
11 Sep 2007

YOU might have thought an American golf season concluding this week with a Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson shootout for 10 million bucks would be something not even Homer Simpson could cock up. D’oh. In a scene the Simpsons creator Matt Groening might… read more…

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