Pathetic tabloid antics don’t win any awards

Divorce…it’s ugly for everyone. So if something is ugly, why would you want to hang it out like your dirty laundry out for everyone to see/read?

From this story, it looks like Andy Mill is trying very hard to either gain sympathy or pity – hard to tell. But his comments below were not spoken in haste. He had to spend some time thinking about those little witty phrases and that makes him pathetic in my mind.

“Greg Norman at one time was my best friend and a year and a half ago I would have taken a bullet for this guy,” Mill said. “I didn’t realize he was the one that was going to pull the trigger.”

I guess I think this is just ridiculous. I feel bad for those going through a break up, but sharing his pain in this way is just too tabloid for me. Sorry Andy…if you’d kept quiet and dealt with your personal issues in private, you would be better off. This little tantrum in the media did nothing for your reputation as far as I am concerned.


Fallout continues from Evert, Norman romance
By Peta Hellard
The StarPhoenix
20 Aug 2007

The ex-husband of tennis champion Chris Evert has launched a bitter attack on Greg Norman, accusing his former best friend of stealing his wife and destroying their 18-year marriage. Andy Mill, a U.S. Olympic ski champion, said he was broken-hearted… read more…
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  1. Reading such in depth stuff on peoples personal lives is a bit much. Don’t you think that should be left to the parties involved?

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