Which is better – the Presidents Cup or the Ryder Cup?

I’d be curious as to your opinion on this question…which is better: The Presidents Cup or The Ryder Cup?

This article does present a compelling argument for the Presidents Cup. On paper, it looks better, but there is something to be said for the long standing history of the Ryder Cup, the passion of the European players and their ability to shine when brought together as a team.
The media and fans seem to be more excited about the Ryder Cup as well. So my vote is for the Ryder Cup.

Perhaps this journalist isn’t as keen on the Ryder Cup because the US hasn’t done too well in the past decade and even Tiger seems to struggle there. wink…

Oh well…no matter…they are both great events and I look forward to each of them every year. I just wish the LPGA would introduce a “Queens Cup” someday.


The Washington Times Daily
26 Sep 2007

The Washington Times Daily
26 Sep 2007

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