It wasn’t a Boo Boo that let Scotland win the Omega World Cup

What a great ending to a fabulous tournament! I just love team play in golf, which is why I wish so much that golf was an olympic sport (but that’s another rant…).

Boo Weekley and Heath Slocum played wonderful golf and the day was full of great shots and amazing saves, but in the end the mighty Monty and the youngster Marc Warren (who covered Monty’s back more than once) took the cup, fair and square.

It was funny watching the four of them during the playoffs…no doubt the stars were Monty and Weekley as they both have a flamboyant style that comes across on TV so well. Warren and Slocum were almost non-descript…hardly moved a facial muscle…virtually unflappable and hardly noticable, except for their marvelous play. Silent but deadly I guess.

I was actually hoping for South Africa as I am a big fan of Goosen and Immelman is a cutie :), but once they were out of contention, I had a hard time picking a favorite. The playoff was both tough to watch and fun to watch. I wanted them both to win.

Speaking of cuties, I swear Raphael Jacquelin should go into movies – what a handsome man he is! When he smiled, my new HDTV just lit up! Okay…so if you guys can drool over Natalie Gulbis, you have to give me Jacquelin 🙂

Back to golf…is it just me, or is Monty getting monsterous? I think that boy is too happy in love…marriage (pending marriage, I should say) seems to be affecting his weight. You know what they say…get married and gain 10 lbs. My goodness, he looks like he’s gained 20 pounds this year. Time for some exercise, Monty, if you want to keep competing with those flat bellies.

Speaking of flat bellies…didn’t you just love Poulter and Rose’s matching outfits all week? Hey…as they say…”It’s better to look good than to be good.”


Bravehearts break their duck

Bangkok Post
26 Nov 2007

Mission Hills, China — Bravehearts Scotland won their first World Cup title in dramatic fashion yesterday, beating tournament frontrunners the United States at the third play-off hole. Eight-time European number one Colin Montgomerie and young gun… read more…

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  1. It was an awesome tournament wasn’t it? I’m linking to your post cause your observations are soooo similar to mine. d:D

  2. What is up with those jackets they have on?

  3. Didn’t you know..GOLD is the new GREEN 🙂

  4. Hi
    I saw the link on “Golf Girl” (always very intersting links there !) happy to discover your blog.
    If you like Raphael Jacquelin, this one for you !

    you can see more with the “search” function on Pbase.

    and on my golf photoblog
    will be back soon

  5. Thanks Patrick…nice photo 🙂

    I like your site – lots of beautiful pics there! I will spend more time this weekend browsing it.

    ps: Can I post this shot you sent me??

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