Married to Tiger – No thanks.

Not sure how I missed this (see bikini-clad babe below), but did you read that Mrs. Tiger Woods (Elin Nordegren) topped a poll of the sexiest sporting “other halves” on the planet? Another #1 for the World’s Best I guess. She even beat out Posh Beckham who only came 46th.

When I saw this article and the one about Tiger not attending Sam’s baptism, I started to think about what it must be like to be married to Tiger. Money, fame, a man with a great bod, more money…hmm…I wonder….

Being an old golfgal, I’ve been through a few relationships in my time and one thing I know for sure…”It’s not what’s important to you that matters in a relationship, but what’s important to your partner/spouse.” If you remember this and practice it, the relationship will flourish. If you do only what’s important to you, then troubles will brew and eventually love will die.

So when I saw Tiger didn’t go to the baptism because:

“As a Buddhist, it wasn’t so important to him so they agreed to do their own thing.”

…the red lights went off for me. As much as he likes to tell people that his family is more important to him than anything else, this latest behavior of choosing a sponsor event over his child’s baptism (which really meant a lot to his wife) doesn’t jive with that sentiment. Sure they are still in love – they are newlyweds. But that self-centred “you do your thing and I’ll do mine” attitude kills love – not all at one, but one little piece at at time…

Sooo…I think I like my life just the way it is with a wonderful golfguy who likes to play golf with me, hang out with me, cook and entertainment with me and pays attention to what’s important to me, even when it’s really not important to him. It’s not that we don’t do things apart. We both have very active lives outside the relationship, but what does matter is our attitude towards each other.

We’re not rich and we’re not young and we certainly don’t have Tiger/Elin bodies, but we’re very happy and focused on what’s really important in our lives – each other’s needs over our own. It took a while (and a few other broken relationships) to get here, but I think we’ve found the secret. I hope Tiger finds it too before it’s too late.

Now…I’ll get of my soapbox 🙂


So why wasn’t Tiger at his baby’s baptism?
From David Gardner IN LOS ANGELES
Daily Express Weekend
14 Oct 2007

TIGER WOODS faced questions over his marriage to model Elin Nordegren last night after skipping his daughter’s christening. Just a fortnight after he pledged to take the rest of the year off to be with his family, Woods was at a charity function in…read more…

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Daily Star
22 Oct 2007

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