Sports and Noise – can’t have one without the other

I am one of the first to say “shhhh….” when someone is about to tee off or putt, but after reading this article, I’m starting to think that maybe things have gone a bit too far and golfers need to be more like other athletes and learn to play in noise. Yes, turn the cell phones off and don’t click a picture until after the golfer has hit the ball, but other than that…let the crowd enjoy themselves.

As this article says…

“Why do new-generation golfers think they are at greater risk of performance error than an Olympic high jumper preparing for take-off on his final jump, with the stadium’s noise ringing in his ears? Gymnasts risk neck and limb in every routine they perform, to the accompaniment of wall-to-wall crowd noise. Compared to these models of stunning athleticism (and composure), golfers are cantering show ponies”

Show ponies? Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but we’ve all seen Monty and Tiger give the evil eye when someone sneezes in the middle of their back swing. I’ve seen Monty glare when someone politely applauds a putt that he personally didn’t think was very good.

Golfers need to chill out…it’s a game…your audience is why you get paid the big bucks. So buck up…learn to live with noise and prove to your fans that THEY are what keep you in “green”.


Boo to golfers

The Straits Times
11 Nov 2007

CROWD behaviour at the Singapore Open golf tournament last week came in for some tut-tut from visiting lordships such as Angel Cabrera, the eventual winner, and Phil Mickelson. We say golf hot shots protest too much. They grumble all the time…. read more…

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