Young Jason has his eyes on the Tiger

Oh dear…does someone feel like me that this young man has just dug his own grave? It’s one thing to privately wish for the impossible – it’s another thing to publicly state such a naive dream.

Jason Day is a good player – nooo question. I watched him on the Nationwide Tour and I really enjoyed watching him play. He’s an up and comer, no bout adout it (I had wine at lunch today – :)). But he’s got a very long way to go (along with dozens of other up and comers) before he can publicly throw the gauntlet like that.

I hope Tiger doesn’t give young Jason “the eye of the Tiger” the next time he sees him in a locker room. Be kind, Tiger…he’s just a young cub and as the good book says, “He knows not what he does…”


Young Jason has his eyes on the Tiger

Townsville Bulletin
29 Nov 2007

RISINGAustralian golf star Jason Day has put world No. 1 Tiger Woods on notice, declaring: ‘‘I’m sure I can take him down’’. Not that Woods would be shaking in his Nike shoes. But it says a lot about the confidence of the 20-yearold Queenslander who… read more…

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