Beware of taunting the Tiger or you might end up in a cat fight

Just a quick followup to my posting about Jason Day “calling out the Tiger”. It seems to have caused quite the stir in the golf community …or whimper?

Hey…cut him some slack. He’s good and he’s ambitious. If you don’t reach for the stars, you’ll never make the moon.

Funny to see Nick O’Hern step in to give some “brotherly” advice to young Day, even after he beat Tiger. But it’s one thing to beat him once or even twice, but to be #1 requires a Tiger retirement, I’m afraid.

But never stop trying, Jason, or you’ll end up like Bob May – missing out at Q-school when only 5 years ago he went head to tail with the big cat at the PGA Championship.

BTW…I’m a little miffed reading Golf Digest’s story “Why Can’t We be Friends?” in December’s edition. They talk about how many players don’t get along with Tiger (actually, it’s the other way around – he doesn’t like them) They imply in the article that you really have to grovel to be his friend and if he doesn’t call you by a nickname, then you’re not his friend and better beware.

I certainly understand his less than amiable attitude towards some of the cocky studs out there (Sergio, Rory and even Phil), but to not like Ernie Els, well that’s just nuts – everyone likes Ernie!! And the Big Easy has always been extremely gracious towards Tiger recognizing publicly Tiger’s talent and accomplishments, even though, like any good athlete, he wants to beat him. I don’t get it. They say that Tiger said about Ernie at a putting green, “If I can break this big guy’s heart just one more time, maybe he’ll go away and stay away.” Hmmph…not impressed with that. Was it a cold hearted remark because he doesn’t like him OR was Tiger feeling just a little tiny bit nervous that Ernie just might beat him – again.

Anyway, I guess Jason better be careful. The first thing you should do is create a nickname for yourself and make sure Tiger knows it. How about Daisy or Jazz?


Beware of taunting the Tiger
Brent Read Golf
The Australian
05 Dec 2007

A WEEK has passed since Jason Day announced his plans to take down Tiger Woods, yet his comments continue to draw surprise and apprehension from his compatriots, who fear what the world’s best player has in store for the young Queenslander. Australian… read more…

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  1. I really don’t think Tiger should be NOT liking anyone. Especially the old guard as he and Ernie and the gang are now known as. There are some kids on the AJGA that are shooting in the mid sixties from the back tees and they are only 16 years old. One day Tiger will be overwhelmed by these guys who look at his 330 yard drives as chip shots compared their 420 yard 3 woods. Just like Arnie and Jack before him….his day will come and it will not be five years from now…it could be next year. I think I would be hiring someone to create a nickname for everyone on tour…except Bubba and Boo, they go without saying.

    Another note is David Duvall is coming back…his family is healthy now, they want to see him get back in the ring with Tiger and he went out posted a 61 during the father and son event last week…I would not be surprised and I would applaud it, if Double D and Tiger together prowled that 18th fairway some Sunday afternoon.

  2. Once again, we’re in 100% agreement. I’d love to see David back in contention. Except…he needs new sunglasses 🙂


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