Lorena beats Tiger

So, did you read this month’s Golf Digest yet? It’s a battle in our house to see who gets it first – I usually lose (my golfguy grabs it while I’m blogging :)).

Anyway, I finally got my hands on it and read Johnny Miller Picks for the Class of 08. For those of you who didn’t get to read it, here’s a summary. No you can’t read it online, but I do recommend you buy the magazine and read the whole article to get his insights on why he chose the way he did:

Let me see if you were playing attention. Who won best middle irons????

Lorena Ochoa!!

I have to say I was pretty surprised by that. NOT because she didn’t deserve it – but because I didn’t think Johnny Miller would give that kind of recognition to a “girl”. Sorry Johnny…I underestimated you. I apologize…

Anyway, I bet this list had some surprises for you too.

I was thrilled to see Mike Weir up there (or should I say “down there” in the sand as the best bunker player). And I was quite shocked that Mickelson didn’t get any top honors (probably because they didn’t have a category for turning on a smile when the cameras are rolling – okay…I’m bad…I know ;)).

That aside…I was thrilled to see Lorena make the list. Miller’s defense of his choice was that she lead the greens in regulation in 2007 at 73% (down from last year, but a full two points ahead of Tiger). As he says…”For her machine-like precision, she gets the nod over Tiger.” So…Tiger IS beatable (haha – no I’m not doing a Rory Sabbatini or Jason Day impression :)).

Anyway, great to see her “playing with the big boys” and winning!

Congratulations Lorena!

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