Snip Snip – Will we see a double cut policy soon in the PGA?

I was watching The Golf Channel tonight and saw that 16 members of the Player’s Advisory Committee met with PGA commissioner, Tim Finchem, this week to talk about possible revisions to the latest (and hatest – I know that’s not a word, but it rhymes :)) cut policy – a policy that created yet another acronym in golf- MDF: “Made the Cut, Did Not Finish.”

I really did feel bad for John Daly and Brandt Snedeker at the Sony Open, who, along with 16 others, were MDF’d in Hawaii last month. So I am glad that although final decisions are pending, it looks like some common sense will prevail and the PGA will revise its policy again with something the pros can live with, AND will still keep play moving along at more than a snail’s pace.

A double cut may be in order by the time we reach the POD’s Championship. Here’s the gist of it….On Friday, they’ll do one cut that picks the top 70 and ties. And then after Saturday’s round, if there are more than 78 players still in the field, they’ll do a second cut.

That seems reasonable to me. But frankly, I don’t understand why they don’t just follow the European Tour example – 65 and ties and that’s it! So simple, but, so “European” – ahhh…maybe that’s the rub. 😉


Players’ council to review cut policy
By Peter Yoon
Los Angeles Times
12 Feb 2008

The new cut policy on the PGA Tour will be under review today when the Player Advisory Council meets at Riviera Country Club. Several players have voiced complaints about the policy, which limits playing fields on weekends to a maximum of 78 players…. read more…

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  1. I know that golf is changing with the rules for the PGA change on how many golfers we get to see play golf on Saturday and Sunday.

    This MDF rule is really cutting off a lot of good golfers who for one day had a Bad Day and then would are talented enough to put three rounds together and get int the top ten.

    I am sure we have not heard the end of this rule.

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