Daly Skinned by Telus

John Daly makes history in golf. He must be the first champion ever NOT to be asked to return to defend his title at an event. But anything can happen in golf and today, Daly, the 2-time defending champion of the Telus World Skins Game, will not been invited to be part of the five-man field in Vernon BC this summer.

I saw John play at the Skins Game at Nicklaus North with Jack, Stephen Ames and Vijay Singh. He was a sight to behold (smoking, laughing and yes, ripping it!). He was a crowd favorite.

Last year at the event, JD won 12 skins and $220,000 by chipping in for an eagle at the 13th hole. He beat Geoff Ogilvy (5 skins, $125,000) and Canada’s Stephen Ames (1 skin, £15,000). South Africa’s Retief Goosen and Scotland’s Colin Montgomerie came away empty handed. So…JD can still play….if he really wants to.

Brad Pelletier, vice president and managing director of IMG Canada, which runs the event said, “What I can tell you is this — we have our five players locked up and John Daly is not one of them. We had spent considerable time looking at things and decided we wanted to change up the talent mix on it. Recent events this week had no bearing on it.”

Pelletier went on to say that Daly simply did not fit what he called a new “theme” for the Skins Game. Riiiight…what tournament in golf ever followed a “theme” besides winning? I may not be happy with JD’s behaviour of late, but defending champions should “defend”.

Let’s cut the crap Brad. You DON’T NOT invite a defending champion. Unless of course, you’re afraid. And as a fellow Canadian, if you are doing this because you are risk adverse and afraid, then I am embarrassed for you. You should be ashamed.

Pelletier said this year’s field for the June 16-17 event at Predator Ridge was finalized about a month ago. Do you believe that? I don’t. But I am glad to hear that Mike Weir will be in the field. I will probably attend the event as it is in ‘close to home’ territory, but Pelletier better not be within ear range of me.


Predator Ridge takes a pass on defending champ Daly
The Vancouver Sun
14 Mar 2008

Troubled golfer John Daly won’t be gripping and ripping it — or chug-a-lugging cold ones, for that matter — at the Predator Ridge Resort in Vernon during this summer’s Telus World Skins Game. Daly, the two-time defending champion of the made-for-TV… read more…

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One comment

  1. As much as I agree with you that the announcement of Big John not being invited back to defend his Skins Game title seems to be coincidental with all of the stupid stuff JD is doing lately, however I will have to admit that it is time GOLF help John get back to his game. Keeping him in the limelight and keeping him on the golf course is not the answer to helping John or Golf.

    I can also agree that there is a lot on the Business side of golf that is affecting a lot of what will be going on with Daly in the next year.

    As much as I like to see the long ball hit and the short game that JD excels at, John’s personal image is not helping the image of golf.

    These events are really helping John more than they are helping themselves by not allowing him to play in the events. Fans have to remember these events are put on to provide fans with entertainment and raise money to pay the guys for providing entertainment. Seeing someone not think much of himself by staying drunk and firing caddies on the golf course is not entertaining.

    Lets see if a few months or years off will help get JD’s head on square and then see him come back to show us he still has game.

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