Big Break X: Michigan – From here to eternity…how long do we have to wait for elmination?

Okay…enough already! Who’s going home??? No one…AGAIN? Aaaarg! I’m starting to feel like Andrea watching James hit those hook shots. Frustrated!

I was sure tonight was going to be a “home coming” for one of the 8 teams on Big Break X, but once again, I was wrong. Okay, so if no one is elminated, what do we have to talk about? Thankfully….lots!!!

Tonight was another night of real golf shots – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let’s start with the good…Haymes and Bernie. It was like watching a choreographed dance watching those two hit those shots in the increasing length immunity challenge. I wonder how their performance affected the others? Did it set the expectations too high for everyone (“Oh, this must be easy”) OR did it un-nerve them all?

Now the bad…we had a few of those (shank by Sally, hooks by James, sad sand shots by Michael)

But the ugly…now that was too scary for words. Dave…time for a new wardrobe. Oh my…I had to turn my head away. Lime green stripes and checks – ouch!

Anyway, like every week, I had the real pleasure of chatting with some of the contestants to get their thoughts on the show and each other.

First, let’s hear from Michael – the man who freely admits that he should have taken the advice he gives his students…Be patient.

Yup…I guess what they say is true, “You teach best what you most need to learn.”

Amber was standing by for a call tonight, but unfortunately not close to a TV set. She’ll be on the blog tomorrow with her thoughts on the show. However, when I talked to her tonight, she did mention that friends were texting her with comments about “carefully aimed camera shots” (tsk tsk…bad Golf Channel…very very bad 😉 )

It’s Wed AM and I enjoyed chatting with Haymes about Bernie and his amazing immunity challenge performance. And just like last week, he had information to share that was not only interesting, it made me laugh out loud!

Andrea shared some insights into her and James’ relationship (which seems to be a favorite topic with producers and contestants alike) and a bit more about what happened that day and evening…


PS: My sincere apologies to all Ole Miss students and graduates for my ignorance about Colonel Rebel. 🙁

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