Big Break X: Michigan – Babies, Bullets, but no Birdies

Okay, okay…an eagle is a birdie technically in the real world, but since when is golf “real”. For me Big Break’s are mostly unreal and sometimes surreal…and frankly…I had to find a way to use that alliteration in my title. 😉

What a rollercoaster tonight was! From Haymes’ new baby surprise (Congratulations Dad!!!), to bullet dodging by Amber and Robbie on that first challenge, to Robbie’s rifle shot 300 yards to the green and Amber’s amazing eagle putt (I loved it when she told Robbie to butt out of her putt :)), it was probably the best BB Michigan show for me yet.

Casey and Rachel may have been elminated tonight, but they certainly weren’t losers. Don’t forget they won that trip to Disney where they can have the honeymoon they never had.

Tonight I started the interviews off again with Michael, who was there to greet Rachel and Casey after their elmination…

I had a really nice chat with David today. Quite the turn around from the last couple of weeks for him and Sally. They really showed that they have game. And David shared some things we didn’t see on the show – I love it when that happens…

Sally certainly had her share of emotional challenges over the past few shows. Not only was she stressed over her relationship with David, she found out the night before this episode that a good friend of hers had suffered a terrible accident. The stress was obviously too much for her body, although her golf game was bang on!

And now the man of the hour (or should I say “daddy of the day”), Haymes Snedeker…

If you haven’t done it already, you just have to read his blog post on the Golf Channel for week 7. It will bring tears to your eyes. I hope Haymes recorded last night’s show – Wells needs to see he was center stage in “A Star is Born”.

I was lucky to chat with Amber today before I headed out to play golf. I really wanted to ask her about how she and Robbie pulled off the first eagle on a par 4 in BB history…

Well, as Haymes said, next week’s show we’ll really start to see the competitive nature of the teams. Can you imagine Haymes stepping on anyone’s throat? Just can’t even picture that, but looking forward to seeing some spirited play in the final four.


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  1. Very good episode and finally an episode where the drama was all on the golf. A bit sad to see Casey and Rachel go. Thought Rachel should have started first on every hole, since Casey was having the ‘lefts’ on longer shots.

    OT: Saw Lee Trevino repair/step down on divots at the 120 yard challenge in the ‘ING Shot Makers Shootout’ tonight, but TGC didn’t say anything about that…lol…and his team won the hole and the match. A great shot that holed by Suzann Pettersen was the highlight of the show and completed the comeback.

  2. That is so funny about Lee stepping down that divot! I never saw that shot maker show – was out golfing. We’ve got to send that to the BB folks at GC and get their take on “the rules of golf” LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!

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