Golfing in San Diego – Stealing precious moments at Steele Canyon Golf Course

When I was vacationing in San Diego in January, I really enjoyed playing Steele Canyon – a 3 x 9 hole course designed by Gary Player.

Steele Canyon was rated as a 4 star course by Golf Digest and also received the “Top Women Friendly Course Award” by Golf For Women Magazine (when they were still alive). Ladies, what that means is: Great tee positions (often 50+ yards ahead of the white tees) and real restrooms on the course :).

My golfguy and I played the Canyon and Ranch 9 hole courses and really enjoyed them. And, I was able to try out my new “Think Pink” golf clubs from Sweet Spot Golf in a venue that allowed me to really test them in action.

The 3 courses are quite different. As you can imagine, the Canyon course has severe elevation changes, while the Ranch is more “agricultural” in nature. But they are both challenging and nice to play. We were really impressed by the maintenance of the courses and they way they paid attention to small touches, such as the wonderful rock work at the tee boxes. You’ll see that in the video below.

The club house has a good chef and nice, but rather small, bar. The members are friendly and there’s lots of chatter among the members and staff in the bar. It was fun to grab a quick tasty breakfast before playing and a beer/wine after the round. I wish they had had bubbly for my post-round beverage, but you can’t ask for everything I guess. They did have some left-over champagne from their Sunday Brunch, but I’m not a “left-over” kind of golfgal. 😉

One of the things that I liked was their paper place mats. I know…sounds wierd…but they have these paper placemats that give you tips on every hole on all 3 courses. That’s probably because they don’t offer GPS on their carts. I wish I had taken the placemat out to the golf course! 🙂 I did, however, pick up one after my drink at the end “for next time”.

Anyway…here is my video view of the course…

I haven’t played many of the courses in San Diego (mostly because they are sooo expensive for us Canucks), but someday I hope to play them and review them as well.

In the meantime, if I am ever in San Diego again, I’ll head to Steele Canyon – great courses, good practice range, good club house, good food and good people. Hard to ask for anything more.


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