Josh From The Hackers Paradise talks about women on golf forums

Yesterday, my online golfing buddies helped me put together a post on “Golf Forums – Where are the Women?” Their insights from inside the ropes were terrific and I can’t thank them enough for helping me put that article together.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with someone who has an intimate knowledge of the golf forum world – Josh of The Hackers Paradise.

Josh (AKA JB on THP) and his partner Morgan (Golfer Gal) started The Hackers Paradise in October 2008. I was invited to participate in it last fall by buddy from another forum who was getting tired of the controlling nature of “the big sites with the big egos and big sponsors”. Although I’d never met my buddy, I felt I knew him from our BB and HW 18 discussions and so I trusted that he was leading me down the right path.

He was. THP is a fun site – small, intimate and unpretentious. While other sites tell you it is a privilege for you to participate, THP invites you to participate because it understands that your content adds value for its members – ie. your posts won’t be striken from the record because a sponsor might get upset by your opinions about a golf club that they don’t manufacture.”

So when I was writing yesterday’s post, I decided to contact Josh out of the blue to see if he would share he thoughts on the subject of women in forums. And I am happy to say, that Josh was more than ready to chat about what he and Morgan are doing to create a golf forum that is women and children friendly…

Thanks Josh!

I’ll be speaking with Morgan on Wed this week to get the other half of this story. I’m looking forward to chatting with Golfer Gal. Until just now, I didn’t know Golfer Gal was the other half of THP. But now that I know…I’m off to THP to check out her posts – I hear they get a ton of hits! đŸ˜‰


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