Letter to LPGA Commissioner Ms. Bivens on LPGA stance on citizen journalists

Back in December 2008, I read a blog interview with Carolyn Bivens regarding Social Media and Equality. In it she said, “We recognize the importance of reaching today’s youth and our global fanbase via social networking sites, and continue to explore opportunities for us in this emerging arena. We recently have established Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites.”

Well, I just learned today that Ms. Bivens now recognizes social media as more than just a place for the LPGA to play with children. The LPGA will now credential bloggers to cover LPGA events.

Wow! This is a major breakthrough and so I just had to write Ms. Bivens a thank you note…

Dear Ms. Bivens:

Let me be the first to congratulate you on credentialling non-traditional media for LPGA coverage. As a “citizen journalist” focused on the sport of golf, I am thrilled to see the LPGA take a positive and progressive stance towards bloggers.

I cannot speak for my fellow blogging buddies, but I for one, am impressed. Just as the LPGA was one step ahead of the PGA in instituting drug testing, you have demonstrated that you recognize the value of social media in the coverage of your sport. Well done!


ps: BTW…would it be possible to get press credentials into PGA events where an LPGA player has a sponsor exemption? I am sure we’ll see your newest LPGA’er Michelle Wie there again soon 😉

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  1. Nice! I know that PGA events can be really tough – even when you write for a larger source!

    I’m so glad that the LPGA will be letting us “regular gals” in to cover events.

  2. This is definitely a good business decision on the LPGA’s part, considering how few traditional media outlets remain for women’s golf.

    The LPGA has done a great job recently with their own site. Providing much more engaging, interactive content.

    Opening up to the well written, high profile golf blogs will raise the profile of their organization and drive traffic to their site.

    It will be interesting what kind of standards they use in determining which bloggers will be credentialed. This is probably the most challenging part of the process and one of the things the PGA has been grappling with.

  3. Gayle,
    We have never had a single issue getting into LPGA events as a blogger for the last two years. And as far as PGA events are concerned, we have never been denied credentials by any tourny except one. We have already been to 4 PGA events this year with credentials, and last year we went to three LPGA events with credentials.

  4. Very cool – now I just need some more CT based events 🙂

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