Meet Dave Andrews – Duramed FUTURES Tour’s Biggest Fan and Supporter

Last year, I was honored to meet a lot of wonderful young women on the Duramed FUTURES Tour vying for their LPGA cards through the Big Break Ka’anapali and Michigan series and Highway 18.

The struggles those women go through to get sponsorship really hit home, and since then, I’ve been wondering what could be done about it. Well, while I have been sitting around navel gazing, someone has been out there doing something about it.

Meet Dave Andrews – Former TV news reporter, member of Golf Writers Associaton of America, contributing member for and author of Pops and Sunshine – a book that will warm your heart, bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh out loud. But more importantly, it will give you a taste of what these talented young women go through on their quest for their tour cards.

Dave is also one of the founders of the Future Stars Foundation – an organization whose goal is to raise money to provide grants to players on the Duramed FUTURES Tour.

This weekend the FUTURES tour kicks off its season with the Florida’s Natural Growers Charity Classic, and I thought it would be good timing to connect with Dave and hear what he thinks about the players this year and who we should be watching. I also wanted to know what’s been happening with his book and foundation…

It’s so easy to get down when you see the Nationwide Tour on TV every week and we see nothing on the DFT. But when you meet people like Dave and see what he and his friends are doing for these ladies, it warms your heart. There are people who really care.

In these difficult times, these ladies need our help more than ever, so if you can donate even a small amount, please visit Future Stars Foundation and help these ladies realize their dream!

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  1. Great post on the Duramed Tour. I share your interest in bringing attention to the wealth of talent out there. It’s important for fans to make an effort to show up at the events in their areas.

    I will be showcasing Carling Coffing, a bright star on the Duramed, on my Ladies on the Tee blog coming soon.

  2. it says here,under experience, that the site has been running for almost 3 years?

  3. Hi “Anonymous” 🙂

    Given Josh’s relationship with the golf club manufacturers, I would say he’s been doing the site for quite some time, but perhaps the forum is new to that. I’ll ask him!


  4. Hi again.
    Josh confirmed it for me. “THP has been running for a few years. However the forum has only been up since last year. Prior to that, we were doing independent reviews for companies. ”


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