Big Break PEI Episode 10 – Bye Bye Brenda

Well, tonight we bid a fond, but sad farewell to a talented and very entertaining contestant on Big Break PEI — Brenda Sorry Mommy and Daddy McLarnon.

I have enjoyed watching Brenda hit some clutch shots throughout the series to save herself from elmination and thought that tonight, right until the last hole when she was only down by 1, that she just might do it again. But such was not the case.

Brenda is the first one to admit that her game wasn’t on par that sunny day on PEI and that nerves played a big part in her coming up short. But she is a real trooper and her disappointment watching tonight’s episode didn’t get in the way of her being gracious as always with me – one again, Brenda was the first one ready for our weekly interviews right after the show…

Thanks Brenda for making me laugh so much every week. I’ll miss our chats, but I hope you’ll join me next week for a closing interview about the final show and add some levity to what should be a very serious match of skills and wills.

I had a chance to catch Derek tonight as he landed in Calgary. He didn’t get to watch the episode, but he remembered it well. He particularly remembered the 7th hole – the signature 417 par 4 that is not only beautiful…but deadly!

Speaking of the Rodd Mill River Golf Course, Part One of my article on the Big Break PEI venue was published on Inside Golf today. I did quite a long review of that resort and golf course (hmmm…maybe a tad too long ;)), so my editor has split it into three parts – the first today, the next part on Wed and the final part next Monday just before the final show. I’ll be sure to share 3 links in next week’s post so you can walk with me through the same holes the BB’ers travelled.

Here’s a shot of the signature par 4 7th.

Next up, Michael Michaelides from Big Break X. Michael had some great commentary on the show and gave me some insights on how tee positions are set up for men and women in college (NCAA), the LPGA and the PGA. Some people think the men and women should be hitting from the same tee box when competing with each other. Listen to what Michael thinks of that…

Haha…thanks Michael! Well, you definitely sold me!

Road warrior Blair O’Neal joined me today to talk about the show, although in her busy travels she hasn’t had a chance to see it. However, I had no doubt that friends and family were txting her like crazy over the episode and she probably got the whole picture from them.

Well, only 1 more episode and then we get to watch someone walk away with 100 grand in their pockets! Wow…that number looks bigger all the time, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to see how Blair and Derek manage their games next week after their amazing demonstations today. Will the pressure get to either of them as it did with Brenda today?

I think Brenda put it beautifully when she said tonight, “Giggle golf is over.” Yup… I don’t see anyone laughing next week, unless it’s all the way to the bank!


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