Big Break Disney – “Hothead” heads home

This week, we watched one of the most passionate, emotional, entertaining, vocal (and dare I say, controversial) contestants The Big Break has ever seen ‘calmly’ exit the series. Okay, maybe not all that calmly – maybe the Happy Gilmore swack at the ball on the green was a tiny bit over the top, but that was pretty tame for Blake, don’t you think? LOL! (I hope you went back and fixed that mark on the green, Blake! ;))

All kidding aside, I am sorry to see Blake leave the show. I know a lot of you out there aren’t big fans of his temper, but you’ve got to admit, this man wears his heart on his sleeve. And from what the other Big Breakers tell me, he has a pretty big heart.

It was sadly ironic that Blake was eliminated from Big Break Disney after his best performance yet on this series. But in golf, as in life, things aren’t always what they “should be”. Tonight, we saw Blake play some really good golf, but the fickle flatstick laughed in his face and said, “Not this time!” We’ve all been there. But talk about bad timing!

I was fortunate to talk to Blake right after the show tonight to find out how he felt about his last day on Big Break Disney and Tony’s “call out” of Andrew…

Thanks Blake for agreeing to continue our weekly interviews. It will be fun to hear what you think about the last 4 shows from the sidelines and, of course, the continuing drama between Andrew and the Finau brothers. 😉

Mike also was back this week to talk about the visit from his brother, Pat, to last week’s show, and his head-to-head match with Kevin this week. There was much much more to that than we saw. Listen and learn…

Kevin has been flying around to hockey games and golf championships for the past week so we missed last week’s interview. I was anxious to hear about his latest successes on the golf course and also what it was like to ride in that race car. I couldn’t understand why Stephanie drove and Kevin didn’t. Again, these post episode interviews always give a little inside info on what really happened behind the scenes that day…

Vincent joined me for the first time since his elimination. Not only did he provide some interesting analysis of the head-to-head challenges, he shared some of the cool activities he was doing with JR and the other eliminated contestants. Sounds like they had a lot more fun than the guys left on the show!

I guess what they say is true – there are no losers on The Big Break.


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  1. There are losers on BB and Blake was one of the biggest. Hacking up the green after he was eliminated says everything about that guy. No respect for his opponents, himself or even the green he is playing on. Dude you’re a loser, you embarass yourself. Glad you’re done.

    I was happy with those 3 guys being in elimination and would have liked to see them all go home. The Big Gimp or whatever he is called is not impressesive. Hits the ball a long way but misses too many easy shots and his short game is not that great. What is with his brains (and that of these other guys too) to pick Andrew to go head to head with. Have you guys noticed he’s a pretty good golfer, can hold his nerve and make shots unlike most of you? Not very smart, why not use your head and pick the weakest golfer rather than the guy you dislike.

    Oh and that Mike guy is just sad. He puts that bunker shot to within 5 feet and is cursing like he should have holed it. You are such a phony. If we gave you 10 balls, that would be your best shot. Not impressed with his tour brother Pat either. He comes on the show and calls his brother a pain in the butt. Not classy at all, not even in a joke.

  2. Gail, next time you talk to Blake, tell him I said hang in there. Everybody has something they have to overcome before they can win, and even a “hot head” can do it. Remember two words: Pat Perez.

  3. Thanks Mike! I will pass along your comment next week when I talk with him again. Pat has sure done well this year – right to the end in China where he was in contention. He’s certainly someone to watch!


  4. I appreciated Blake’s theme at the end of his interview. Unfortunately not many people will hear it, nor care. In contrast, everyone with a negative opinion of Blake heading into this episode was left with the reinforcement of the putter swing. He indeed has a reputation hurdle, and it won’t be brief. I wish contestants would grasp that viewers desperately want to apply a benefit of a doubt. Blake’s golf was significantly better this episode. All he had to do was shake hands after the missed putt then hand Big Break a courteous and gentlemanly departing summation clip. Final impressions are immeasurably powerful. Brian Skatell signed off with an emotional recital of how much he loved the game of golf. Blake gashed a green at a private resort. You’ve got to step back and think big picture when your image is being shaped here and now and you lack a similar high profile vehicle to amend it.

    Anyway, what happened to Tony? He hasn’t participated in an interview for a month. I realize he didn’t advance at first stage Q School, and may be down about that, but the same applied to Vincent and Blake who have continued to participate.

    Vincent is pure class, demonstrated again in his exit interview on Golf Channel and the Thanksgiving wish at the end of this week’s interview here. I’ve got to concede I was too busy rooting for Andrew to outlast Blake to fully appreciate how unfortunate it was for the program, golf level and otherwise, when Vincent was eliminated so comparatively early.

  5. Thanks Awsi! I always love hearing from you and your insightful comments!

    I have hadn’t much luck reaching Tony lately, but will try again for next week’s post.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Hey Awsi… you are on every single comment board hating on Blake. Seriously dude, do you have nothing else to do? Besides, sit around and pound mountain dews and write painfully long comments on the internet. You talk about class, lets get online and talk down to someone you will never meet. Class, class, class. Maybe when you move out of your mom’s basement you can look Blake up and play around and see how it turns out. Get a job.

  7. Blake was painful to watch. His demeanor not exactly what we come to expect of professional golfers. Controlling emotions on the golf course we all know is a big key to doing well when you play. I hope Blake realizes that and that his only worst enemy is himself. Not Andrew and his mouth. Andrew is a gamesman. He played Blake and the other guys like fools, using their emotions against them.

  8. Thanks for your comment Konoimo. I wish I could say that I haven’t seen worse than Blake, but that would be a lie. I’ve seen some pretty bad outbursts even on the PGA. There’s a reason why fines are dished out on a very regular basis on the tours – LPGA included!

    I live in a glass house myself – have had a few tantrums on the course I wish I could take back. I expect Blake’s wishing he could undo some of his behavior on BB. Certainly he’s mentioned that in his interviews.

    Thanks again!

  9. blake is a douche. i hate how they are showing highlights of this guy. freaking crybaby

  10. Buck Hunter, I noticed you didn’t attempt to refute anything in my comment. It was empty ridicule. When someone defaults to words like dude and uses a mother reference, it basically screams of lack of competence, no ability to retort. Congratulations. LOL.

    And BTW, I dislike Mountain Dew. But I love my job.

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