Big Break Disney – Gipper “flyswatter” Finau finally kills his bug

Well, a number of people will be pretty disappointed this week watching Andrew Giuliani exit stage left on the Big Break Disney. And, you may be surprised to learn that I am one of those people.

I know, I know… some of you think I don’t like him, but that’s not true. I can’t dislike someone I don’t know. All I know is the guy on TV who said things that ticked off his competitors and made me laugh out loud. And tonight was no exception.

Andrew’s comment about being shorter off the tee could be an advantage because he could hit first into the green was pretty funny. And comparing himself to Tiger Woods at the end – even his biggest fans have to admit – that was too much.

But you have to give him credit – he was a great showman every week and added a lot of entertainment value to this series. And not once did we see that temper we all read about when he was at Duke.

I wanted to interview Andrew the minute I heard he was on the Big Break way back in July, but when I asked for an interview I was told he was off limits. Maybe he is more like Tiger Woods than we think 😉

Yes, Andrew added a lot of drama to the show and stirred up the contestants with his constant talking, but there is no question he has talent. And he’s already proven it – he won his first event as a pro – the 94th Met Open Championship held on Aug. 27 – only weeks after the Big Break ended its taping. So why would I want him to leave?

Now who is Gipper going to want to take out? Who will be the fly he can’t kill next week? It looks to me like a big lovefest between the remaining contestants as far as I can tell. Or is that really true?

Maybe not…just maybe Kevin will be the target now. Certainly his continuous “Wows!” and “How am I still alive?” outbursts have rubbed a couple of people the wrong way, including his buddy, Mike Perez. I couldn’t wait tonight to ask Mike and Kevin what each of them thought about Mike’s retort, “If you don’t feel like you should be here, why don’t you just leave?” LOL!

I only wish I could have been with them watching this week’s show – they’re hanging out together in Scottsdale…

Gotta love those guys!

Tony rejoined the interview train this week. I’m so glad he did. I really wanted to find out if the Andrew/Gipper rivalry was mostly good TV editing or was there really an issue there…

I caught up with Blake early Wed to get his take on the first show since his elimination and how he felt about Andrew leaving the day after him. I think you might be surprised by some of the things he said.

Vincent always has some great commentary each week. I love chatting with him because I know I’ll get very insightful observations. He never disappoints…

Now, has this series flown by or is it just me? I feel like we just got started and suddenly we’re facing the final 4. Sure would be interesting to see Tony and Gipper face off. I wonder if they’ll be the last two standing. What an ending that would make! I guess we’ll just have to watch and see.


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  1. Interesting remarks from Blake on activities of the eliminated contestants, and the Thursday/Friday timetable for his elimination and Andrew’s. Since filming ended on Sunday, according to Blake, it must mean another split finale with 9 holes among 3 narrowed to 9 holes among the 2 finalists, similar to PEI. I’d prefer 18 for the final but no denying they can feature virtually every shot if it’s 9.

    Blake needed to sound like that during the episodes.

    The interview with Mike came across as a reality warp. He persists in using digs like joker and powder puff driver in regards to Andrew. I’m sure it’s received well on his Facebook page, etc., so he’s all comfy. Meanwhile, regardless of the outcome, Andrew will always be remembered in Big Break terms as more classy and level headed than Mike, whose scope has been all over the map. In the first episode he was emphasizing his goal was not to be the first one eliminated.

    Gipper can do more with a few words than Tony in a string of sentences. That’s merely an observation on the two varied personalities, Tony more thoughtful and reserved. I didn’t appreciate Gipper’s bug remark, not after he failed to properly acknowledge and congratulate Andrew last week.

    BTW, today I read the comments under last week’s entry and apparently at least one person is preoccupied with my comments here and on a couple of golf message boards, including the duration of the comments. Maybe I need a simpleton handbook with words like dude and mother and basement and job. Then you merely mix the order and there’s your brainstorm. I think I’m getting the hang of this. LOL.

  2. Hey Awsi! Lately I’ve been thinking that my blog has turned into a golf forum with commentors talking to commentors rather than talking about the post – LOL!

    Who do you think will win it in the end now that Andrew is gone?


  3. Wow, did you ever nail that one! I mean really… The week Vincent left I don’t think there was a single comment about him at all (performance or attitude). It has turned into who hates who controversy. Let’s get back to real discussion of the show instead of having a Blake and Andrew argument every week!

  4. Thank you for the interesting information.

  5. Charlotte Campbell Golf

    Hey Gayle, Great blog as always!! I really thought Andrew was going to win the whole thing… Now I don’t know who to pick. Keep up the good work. And to Awsi… I don’t miss reading forums from when I was on a show.. they are ruthless on there!!!

  6. Thanks Charlotte! That’s how I felt when Vincent went home – I was sure he was going to win.

    I guess we’ll just have to watch and see.

    As for the forums…I feel the same as you. I stopped visiting them earlier this year – too many bruises 😉


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