Three Cheers for the Spirit of Golf “In School Program”!

One of the things I love about the whole social media explosion is the wealth of new friends I’ve made – people I’ve never physically met, but who share a common love for golf and growing the game. One such cyber-friend is Greg Cox, Executive Director of The Spirit of Golf Foundation.

I met Greg on Facebook and learned from him what the SGF has been doing since 1988 — it is the only organization that trains and certifies golf coaches in High School, Middle School and youth golf programs across the US and Internationally. I had no idea it even existed. Well, shame on me!

Anyway, as impressed I was with their history and what they’ve done, what really got me excited was their future. The Spirit of Golf Foundation has started a new program that I believe could be our best hope for growing the sport and making it as common in school curriculums as football or gymnastics is today.

SFG is working in cooperation with the PGA to offer an In School Program that can be set up either indoors or out.

For a nominal fee of only $5,000, a school can bring a complete turnkey golf training program inhouse and teach children everything they need to know to play golf for life. And it’s free for the kids!

Check out this video and see it in action…pretty cool, eh?

I was so impressed with the program, I had to ask Greg to fill me in on the details…

Although the program is new, the early results sound very impressive. I sure wish we had this when I was in school. Then it wouldn’t have taken me 40 years to discover my love for this game.

I’m going to send this to every teacher I know and encourage them to lobby for SGF’s School Program in their schools. I encourage you to do the same. And become a fan on facebook – spread the news to all your FB buddies and Twitter followers.

Let’s create a ground swell and help the Spirit of Golf Foundation grow golf inside our schools and make golf a game for life for kids of all ages.


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  1. This is important… and definitely under-reported. This is the first I’ve heard about it, so thanks for getting the word out, Gail.

  2. Thanks Patricia. Coincidentally, a new website just launched in British Columbia called Playground to Fairway which does something very similar in BC.
    This is very exciting, especially with the 2016 Olympics finally including golf.


  3. After reading your this blog, I thought your blog is great! i like it .thank you!

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