Vote for Peggy at the US Open Challenge and help make history!

Normally I don’t get all excited about the US Open Challenge. In the past I’ve watched a bit of it, but it always seemed like a way for celebs to show off (not big into pro-ams either) and average Joe’s to be humiliated.

Remember 2008 at Torrey Pines where it all started…John Atkinson, an 8-handicapper, shot 114. In 2009, at Bethpage Black, Larry Giebelhausen, also an 8-handicapper, shot 101. So close, but not good enough.

So for 2 years I paid little attention to the event. But this year is different. This year, there’s a Josephine in the mix! Peggy Ference from New Jersey is the first woman finalist in Golf Digest’s US Open Challenge at Pebble Beach.

And…of the 5 finalists, Peggy has the lowest handicap at 4.6. So already she looks to have a better chance breaking 100 than the past amateurs who tried and failed.

Just think how cool it would be to see a woman be the first US Open Challenger to break 100. It won’t be easy at the 7K+ yard Pebble Beach with US Open rough and Sunday hole locations, but it will sure be exciting. Now, THAT is something I’d pay to watch.

Peggy is a pretty cool golfgal and one I believe deserves this chance. Check out her video and you’ll understand why her story was picked out of thousands submitted to make the final 5.

So I ask you…what impressed you about Peggy in that video? For me it was a 51 year old woman carrying her bag – haha! For that alone, she should win!

But back to what’s really important…

The Golf Digest is letting us choose who should get the tee honors at Pebble Beach. So PLEASE help Peggy make history. It’s easy to cast your vote. Just go to the US Open Challenge page, login (or register), and then vote for Peggy. Then spread the word to all your friends and come back tomorrow and vote again! You can keep voting once a day until the end of April. I have it as a recurring appointment in my Outlook calendar just so I don’t miss a day.

I repeat…Get out and vote every day this month to make Peggy the 1st woman to compete in the US Open Challenge (hopefully not the last) and one of the few woman in history to tee it up from the back tees with the boys.

Then cheer her on with me, on Sunday, June 20th before the final round of the US Open.


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