Big Break Sandals 4: Stacey Stumbles

Always sad to see someone leave the Big Break, but for a Canadian, it was particularly tough for me to watch Stacey take the walk.

I was just getting to know her with our first interview last week and then suddenly, she’s gone. I hate it when that happens!

But I don’t think she’ll be forgotten. Stacey’s “beach shot” in last week’s show was pretty unforgettable. And doing in front of Greg Norman was pure icing on the cake.

But isn’t it amazing how one day you can do no wrong and the next, nothing goes right?

Stacey could have used a little of Seema’s incredible luck, but given all the little breaks that occurred on that show for others, it seems, as GC said, that luck just ran out for Stacey that day.

So sorry to see you go, Stacey,but I hope to see you at the LPGA’s CN Women’s Open in August.

Caught up with Carling this week to chat about the show and what it was like watching her good friend Stacey leave. And I had to ask about Seema’s SAVE card (was it a plant?) and Chris’ state of mind that day. What was that about? Luckily, Carling cleared up a lot of things for me…

Sara was off playing the CN ladies event up here in Canada this week. I was able to chat with her on her ride back to the US. She did very well – 4th place finish! Well done Sara!

And, having missed her last week, I really wanted to get her thoughts on both last week’s show and this week’s…

Next week, what surprises will GC bring us? No idea, but looking foward to finding out!


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  1. I REALLY appreciate your doing interviews with the “Big Break Sandals Resorts” ladies, Gayle. As anyone who has ever watched “reality television” knows, it’s not really “reality” because things can be edited and taken out of context in order to advance drama in a show. So it’s always good to hear what actually happens from those who were there, and not the edited filtered version that Golf Channel shows us. Keep up the great work.

  2. golf swing mechanics

    Wow, I have watched those video..Amazing Golf Swing!!

  3. Thanks Bluefalcon! The more of an inside scoop I get, the better I like it too.

    The editors sure know how to stir things up on the show 🙂


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