Big Break Sandals 6: From Sucking to Saving

Well, this week’s Big Break Sandals had some pretty hilarious moments.  Imagine 9 women of that caliber not being able to hit a tee shot into the fairway at 200 yards.

I know it’s nerve racking and it’s not “real golf”, but it sure made me LOL to see all of them miss – especially the former Big Break Champions!  As Ashley so eloquently put it, “We all sucked!”

In the end, I think they all had a pretty good chuckle over it, except for Chris Brady.  Chris struggled in this week’s show in all parts of her game.  Sometimes golf is like that.  But that’s not to say she’s not a good player.  Don’t forget, she was the only contestant ever to get her LPGA card – she qualified for the 2008 season the hard way – through Q school. 

I wonder what she’ll do now.  She had given up golf to work as a civil engineer in a construction firm, but saw the Big Break as her chance to relive her dream of being on the LPGA again.  It would be a shame if she missed that opportunity because of one bad day.

But while Chris plans her future, Sara Brown is making plans to holiday on Turks and Caicos.  Luck girl, or maybe, just darn talented!

Carling also enjoyed a leisurely afternoon in paradise after her teammate clenched immunity for her. Nice to see Carling and Sara on the same side this week. And I love the inside scoops Carling dishes out for me…

It’s now officially nail-biting time. Only 5 players left. I wonder what surprises Golf Channel has in store for a finale.


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  1. Dexter(QuoteGuy)

    I’m actually watching the replay right now. It was a tough episode. No one played that well. I really thought Lili was going to blow it when she put her tee shot in the hazard. She dodged a bullet there. The past champions simply flopped. What happened there?

    I like Lili to win in the end. She seems to be the most consistent player(except for her recent mishap). We shall see.

  2. Hi Dexter! I was pretty shocked by Bri, Kim and Ashley as well. Perhaps they were a bit over confident? Who knows, but it was very strange. Lili is cool – I like that she’s her own person.

    But like you say…We shall see 🙂


  3. Stephanie Wallingford

    Just found your blog! I enjoyed it. Here’s mine–if you get a chance to check it out, great! I am just starting out.

  4. Hi Stephanie.

    I did check out your blog – good work! Keep it up. I’ll add you to my blogroll.


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