Big Break Sandals 8: Taryn Takes a Tumble

I always hate it when the contestants I’ve come to know and interview finally take the walk on the Big Break. I never know when, or if, it will happen, but when you interview 3 ladies every week, you know for sure at least 2 of them will be in this position at some point.

Taryn was given two “Saves” by other contestants during the series and that might make one think that her game was not up to the level of some of the other players. 

But that “one” would be wrong.  Let’s not forget that Taryn is the only contestant to play in a Major – she qualified as an amateur for the 2007 U.S. Women’s Open in Pinehurst.  And she was a tough cookie in the previous elimination challenges she found herself in.  She’s no pushover!

Taryn certainly showed class, style and talent through her 8 episodes and she will be missed going into the final 2 shows by me and all her fans.

I spoke with Carling (Aquawoman) this week about Lili’s immunity, her water shot, rock shot and Sara’s self-imposed penalty.  It was certainly a exciting episode and Carling had lots to share about herself and fellow competitors…

Didn’t get a chance to chat with Sara this week, but I did talk with her father about a great initiative he’s involved with to support women’s golf.  Check back with me later this week on that.


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  1. Mynameisnotrelevant

    Thank you, Gayle, for your latest update. I checked in Tuesday and it wasn’t up and I was getting a bit nervous. “Where’s Gayle’s recap? Is she doing one this week? I need my fix!” Seriously,though, I do appreciate both you and the ladies providing the recaps because it really gives a much clearer picture of what went on during this season of “Big Break Sandals Resorts.”

    Now, on to the matter at hand; this week’s show. I can’t say how much I appreciated what Sara did, calling a penalty on herself. I personally didn’t see the ball move, but she was a lot closer to it than I am so if she says it happened, it happened. It takes a person with great character to do something like Sara did, espcecially since it might have led to her being elimanted. Sara to me has been one of-if not the-most consistent of the players this season. She rarely hits a bad shot, rarely makes a big mistake and those qualities have allowed her to make the final 3. And I do believe she will be the one to win it all. I’m not willing to bet money on that, but that is what I believe.

    It was sad to see Taryn be eliminated-it’s sad to see any of the ladies elimnated. Taryn to me was the dark horse; sometimes hitting great shots and other times looking like she was trying to hook the ball over the Green Monster. She was always the one in the background, the one no one was concerned about

    Carling to me is an enigma. On the one hand, she’s the most physically attractive of the cast members to me-I am a heterosexual male-and her short game seems to be the strength of her golf game. I also appreicate her openness about being diabetic-if she eventually makes the LPGA, she will certainly be a role model for other diabetics to not let your illness prevent you from doing what you love. She seems vivacious and outgoing which is a great personality either for the LPGA, or if that doesn’t work out, television. I can clearly see Carling on TV-she majored in Broadcast Journalism at The Ohio State University.

    At other times, however,she can come across as an annoying little sister, doing and saying things to get attention, such as the dancing and the stalking with the SAVE/SEND sign, which I totally loathe. I’m no fan of anyone who performs self-aggrandizing behaviour. Let your proper actions talk for you. If you’re good, people will notice. You don’t need to do things to draw attention to yourself. Whether that is her personality or the way the show was edited because the show needed a villian this year-there was no clearly dislikeable person this season, unlike other “Big Break” all-female seasons-can be debated-but Carling may want to look a little bit at how her actions are seen by others.

    Perhaps no one wants this more than Lili, who of course is from Mexico, grew up playing with Lorena Ochoa and like virtually all Mexican female golfers, looks up to her as a role model-you couldn’t pick a better person to look up to. And sometimes, especially now as the show nears the end, she seems to be thinking too far ahead, about the prize package and the exemption to Lorena’s event-and that will be a challenge for Lili for the rest of this show. Stay in the moment. Lili and Sara have to me been the top players this season. But don’t count out Carling. She is also very detirmined to get this done, and she can be very dangerous.

    One other question, will you also be recapping “Big Break Dominican Republic” which premieres in September? I hope so. I really enjoy your recaps and I’d love it if you could continue.

    I apologize for being SO wordy this week. I’ll try for brevity in the future.

  2. Hi “Mynameisnotrelevant”!

    I loved your comments!!! They deserves a post all on their own. This was great! How about I just start the post next week and you fill in the blanks. I’m telling you – you have a career in blogging! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much.

    Sara – a gutsy and talented golfgal if there ever was one (and obviously an honest one too!)

    Carling – every interviewer’s dream – so eloquent and a great golfer too. Of course, her antics just make her that much more endearing πŸ˜‰

    Taryn – the southern belle who could have gone the distance – of that I have no doubt

    Lili – didn’t pay any attention to her at first and suddenly, she’s in our face – hmmm…this gal has started to come into her own and I am going to pay attention to that girl!

    What a fabulous ending to this BB! Can’t wait to see what happens.

    As for BB DR – I’ll be here! Can’t keep me from covering these shows; and many of our favorites and villians will be there too! I can already feel the drama πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again and never apologize for providing such great commentary. I love it!


  3. Mynameisnotrelevant

    Thank you for your compliments, Gayle. I have various screen names-I previously posted as Bluefalcon-and I don’t know why that name came up, but it did.

    I will try not to be so verbose this week, but I still might be.

  4. Hey Bluefalcon! Would love your commentary on this week’s show.

    Be as verbose as you like! You add so much value with your insights.


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