Big Break IW-4: No walk of shame for Russell

After the first 2 episodes of the Big Break Indian Wells, I was a bit put off by Russell.  He seemed so wound up and aggressive – almost like he had a chip on his shoulder.  And his comments about David having it in for him last week, beating him twice, seemed so ridiculous.  But I was wrong.

This week we saw the real Russell Normandin – a gentleman, a fighter and a friend to all of the other Big Breakers.

The Blind Black Jack game, while brilliant IMHO, was also pretty devious too. Facing a ‘hit or stay’ decision on 18, Russell’s ‘Never Give up; Never Surrender’ personality got the better of him, but he took defeat as a man and came out fighting again in elimination against his nemesis, David.

And when the poker chips fell where they may, Russell exited Big Break like a war hero.

Listening to him talk about his favorite on the show, Robert Floyd, and how Robert “loses really well (with dignity) – something that a lot of people can learn from.” made me think that perhaps Russell took a lesson from Robert the way that Robbie went to school on Carl – both A+ students!

Take care of yourself Russell when you head to Afghanistan this summer for your 3rd combat term. We’ll look for you on a different ‘Tour of Duty” when you get back!

Let’s hear from the Robbie, Carl and David on this week’s show.

First up, Shank…whose poker face could get him a place next to Carl on The Poker Channel.

Next, Spiderman (move over Camilo!).   Carl is also the best mind game player ever on the Big Break!

Now, the man who took down Russell for the 3rd time in 4 weeks – but this time for keeps…David.

Thanks guys for another round of great golf gabs!

Well, it was a really fun show, wasn’t it?  I think the Golf Channel will be hard pressed to beat the excitement of this week’s show. But I’m looking forward to seeing them try!

Until next week,


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