David Byrne is the Big Break Indian Wells Champion!

…and $70,000 richer!  Not too shabby for 11 days work. But like all things in David’s life, it didn’t come easy.

His story about how his mother and he worked multiple jobs and struggled to make ends meet, has been told more than once on this series. But it’s worth remembering – David worked hard for his money his whole life and it’s finally paying off. 

David set a number of “firsts” on the Big Break as well.

1. He was the the youngest winner ever on the Big Break.
2. He faced the most elimination challenges (6 if you count this last match) and finally rid himself of being bottom of the money list.
3. His won his first professional career event he ever entered – here on the Big Break.

So let’s hear now what David has to say about that day, what’s next for him, his recommendations to the Golf Channel on future Big Breaks and his advice for those who dream of having their own …

Just received this wonderful video from Paul Foster on Twitter (@biztherapistpf) of David’s evening with friends in Essex, watching him win his Big Break. I have goosebumps after watching it.

Carl joined me today to wrap up this series with his commentary about the show, David and Kent’s performance, and what he thinks separates champions from those who just make a living on the PGA Tour.

Shank shared his thoughts on this week’s show and why he thought this series was so successful. Even though he didn’t take home the money, he left with a renewed belief in himself and love for the game…

Thank you David, Carl and Robbie for your friendship and being so gracious about doing these interviews every week. You guys are the best!!!

This was David’s first professional win in his career and I doubt very much it will be his last.  There’s something special about Champions on the Tour – those that never give up, never surrender.  Darren Clarke had what it took at the Open after 20 years of grinding and persevering through personal adversities. 

Just like Darren, David has what it takes and I hope IT takes him all the way!

Until the next Big Break…


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  1. Gayle, terrific job, as always. I remember you isolated David from the outset as ideal for these interviews. He was very interesting throughout.

    I had a feeling a couple of weeks ago that David was the winner when he told you something like, “That day I sensed I was beginning to find my swing…”

    One note, toward your #1: Gipper and Tony Finau had to be younger than David’s current age, when they appeared on Big Break Disney Golf in 2009. I’m not sure both of them weren’t below 20 at the time of filming. Gipper is the younger brother so he must be the youngest Big Breaker ever. David is likely the youngest winner.

  2. Thanks Awsi!

    Everyone thinks I know who wins when I do my interviews, but I never do. I have my guesses just like everyone, but I don’t want to know – it would ruin it for me.

    Thanks for the clarification.


  3. Thanks Gayle for your awesome report. I have played with David and I think he has what it takes too. He can putt, he has the mental strength and he has a great work ethic. Best of all, he plays with heart. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place when his dream came true last Monday.
    totally awesome!

  4. Hey Paul! Thanks so much for your comment and especially for sending me that awesome video from Monday night. It was like I was there.

    I wish David were in this week’ Open here in Vancouver. It would be so much fun to follow him on his round and cheer him on.

    But there is always Zurich! 🙂


  5. Cast of Big Break Ireland announced. I’m not familiar with the guys. Plenty of Futures Tours players. Mallory will be popular with viewers, and she’s a good player. Likewise Nicole.

  6. Gareth @ Beginners Golf

    I used to watch the big break frequently on SKY and then the channel disappears. I found the show interesting and it put people into the spotlight.
    The show had great challenges too didn’t know Ireland had its own variant though.

  7. David byrne is great inspiration for me.I don’t know earlier that he struggle lot before coming to this position.

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