Big Break Atlantis 2: No Shame for Shannon

Week two of Big Break Atlantis was sure full of suprises, eh? 

Imagine being one those 3 rejected golfgals, broken hearted because no one picked them for their team, only to have the world’s #1, Yani Tseng come in to save the day!

Imagine being on top of the world because you were one of the chosen few who made a team, only to have the rug pulled out from under you!

Imagine being one of the strongest players going into the day’s challenges, only to end that day taking the dreaded “walk”.

Personally, I found Shannon’s exit rather shocking.  I thought she would go much farther – she’s certainly got talent.  There was a reason Zakiya picked her first on her team.  And don’t forget that in 2011 she ran up four top-4 finishes on the Cactus Tour in her first six events.  Not too shabby!

Don’t worry Shannon…remember Kristy McPherson took an early walk on her BB and ended up on the LPGA tour and the Solheim Cup team!

But hey…that’s what the BB can do to you.  Even Yani seemed to feel nervous before her flop shot.  I was expecting much better results from her on that shot and subsequent putt, but I guess she’s only human too.  Another shocker! 😉

Yup…I was surprised a lot on Monday night.

This week I’m happy to have both Anya and Natalia joining me again to talk about “one bad putt”, a very lucky “members’ bounce” off a tree and cashing in for safety. 

Let’s hear first from Anya, who shares some cool behind-the-scene moments with Yani…

Next up, Natalia, who has been more of a spectator than competitor so far with her two immunities…

Thanks ladies!

Watching this episode it really hit home to me that golf really does seem to be 90% mental, 1% physical and 9% luck.

I wonder who’ll get the luck next week? 


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  1. Big Break producers should have delayed Shannon’s confessional review of the day’s action. I have no idea why they can’t wait a day with the eliminated contestant. Her teary eyes, puffed up hair, and overall shattered appearance — compared to the chirpy smiling version of the preview and episode one — gave away the elimination result more than anyone I can remember. Perhaps Dana Bates of Ka’anapali was similar.

    I was shocked when I saw how Shannon looked, including the deep blue dress. Women tend to over dress on that show when they are ousted earlier than expected. I guess they bring so much clothes they want to make sure to wear a favorite before it’s too late. Otherwise who was Shannon supposed to dress up for, Meghan? 🙂

    I mentioned here last week that Meghan identifying Shannon as her closest friend on the show didn’t bode well for Shannon’s chances to win, but I certainly didn’t expect her to be gone this week. Lousy.

  2. Yes, Awsi – Lousy is the right word. You should give GC lessons on how to treat contestants post elimination. 🙂

    And on how to cut out comments that give away too much. You called it last week re: Meghan and Shannon.

    Love your comments as always. Very insightful. Keep em coming! 🙂


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