Big Break Atlantis 5: Night Night Natalia

This is the worst part of doing these weekly interviews – saying goodbye to a very special Big Breaker.

Natalia has been very gracious over the past 5 weeks, taking time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on each show and give us a behind-the-scenes look into the show.

It’s sad knowing I won’t be watching her compete next week.  But I don’t think it will be long before we’re watching Natalia again on the Golf Channel.

Natalia is self-proclaimed “scrapper” and I have no doubt that she will take this “speed bump” on her road to the LPGA in stride and come out scrapping even harder to fulfill her dream.You go girl!

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the fiesty Anya who can Bend It Like Beckham when it comes to her wedges. 🙂  Not sure how she did that without breaking her foot, but it didn’t seem to affect her next shot which awarded her the maximum 3 points. 

I don’t know about you, but I am very curious if she was clubless for the rest of the series and if we are going to see any more club casualties next week…

Natalia joined me tonight after returning from an Canadian Ladies event in Montreal.  What’s up with the wrist?  I’ve been dying to ask her…

Thanks ladies!  Looking forward to chatting with you both next week.


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  1. I feel so bad for Natalia, not the least reason of which is that I picked her to win! Oh, well, this is why I don’t gamble. I rarely win.

    I do apologize for my tardiness. I have been on Grand Jury detail for the past few weeks. However, I have been faithfully watching the show and I will send you my comments for you to edit, post, put on a horse and flush down the toilet bowl if you wish, as soon as I can. Hopefully by next week, I will be up to date.

  2. Hi Bluefalcon!
    Grand Jury – ohhh…that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

    Great to hear from you and looking forward to your analysis. It’s always insightful.

    I’ll be interviewing Natalia tonight so check back then for more from her and what she’s been doing lately. I think she’s a winner even if she didn’t take home the BB prize – a bigger one awaits her I believe 🙂


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