Big Break Atlantis 6: Adieu Allison

Once again, I am here to apologize about my tardiness in getting Anya and Natalia’s BB episode 6 interviews posted this week.

Sadly I still haven’t been able to watch the show – battling Maui Cable guys to fix the signal into my condo is a full time job for me, on what should be my vacation.  Haven’t even hit a golf ball in paradise yet.  Now that’s a crime!

But my buddy Blue Falcon sent me his commentary about the show, for which I am very grateful.  Please check out his analysis and then let me know what you think.  BTW, this is how he scores the contestants. 

1. Unmentionable
2. Very Poor
3. Poor
4. Below Average
5. Average
6. Above Average
7. Good
8. Very Good
9. Excellent
10. Super

“Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”
by Blue Falcon

I’m not entirely sure where the devil is, but certainly there is a deep blue sea all around the ladies of “Big Break Atlantis” and this week it claimed yet another victim as Allison Micheletti became the sixth player eliminated from BBA.

The particulars:

The ladies got the latest twist in the tail of BBA at breakfast, when they were informed that the buyout option from episodes 2-5 is now off the table. I like that. If you are going to win Big Break, my feeling is that you should earn it. If that means going to elimination, so be it. No escaping. No easy way out.  There are no easy ways out in a tournament, so therefore, to me, there ought not to be an easy way in Big Break.  Off my soapbox now.

First stage of Immunity Challenge:  3 locations, one shot from each competitor per location. Lowest cumulative distance from hole wins immunity and 12 championship points.  The winner would then challenge another player they pick in a duel.  The winner of that duel gains an additional 5 points. All players would earn points based on following scoring system.

Position: Points
1st: 12
2nd: 9
3rd: 6
4th: 4
5th: 3
6th: 2
7th : 1

Points as of start of day:
Marcela Leon: 57
Allison Micheletti : 39
Christina Stockton: 38
Gloriana Soto: 37
Selanee Henderson : 27
Anya Alvarez & Kelly Villareal: 0

Gloriana won the challenge with one great shot and two average shots.  Others hit one or two good shots, but couldn’t sustain consistency for all three shots.  Gloriana then challenged Anya to the duel. They called in their seconds, and Anya beat Gloriana for the additional 5 points.

Points after 1st stage of IC:
Marcela: 60
Gloriana: 49
Christina: 48
Allison: 40
Selanee: 36
Anya: 14
Kelly: 2

Second stage of IC: Three head-to-head matchups. Players themselves choose distance from hole to hit shots inside of. Winners get 6 points and immunity. Losers go to elimination challenge.

The matchups:
Marcela vs. Kelly (Marcela’s choice)
Christina vs. Anya (Christina’s choice)
Allison vs. Selanee (last two players)
In THE upset of BBA, Kelly beat Marcela! Yes, that is correct. David beat Goliath.  Christina pipped Anya, and Selanee knocked off Allison. 

Points after 2nd stage of IC:
Marcela: 60
Christina : 54
Gloriana : 49
Selanee: 42
Allison: 40
Anya: 14
Kelly: 8

Allison, Anya and Marcela on to Elimination Challenge.   EC had two stages. First, an increasing length putting challenge. Player who makes from furthest distance when others miss gains immunity. Other two players go to second stage of EC, and one is eliminated.

All three players made putts from 3 feet.  Marcela missed putt from 4 feet. Allison & Anya made.
Both players made from 5 feet. Allison missed from 6 feet. Anya made. Allison & Marcela on to second stage of EC.

Second stage of EC. One hole of golf played from two distances. The par 4  10th hole on the Ocean Club course played from the front & back tees- a 150 yard disparity in distance between the two tee boxes.  Winner goes on, loser goes home.

First hole: 253 yards. 
Allison got the upper hand, hitting her first tee shot in fairway, while Marcela fanned her tee shot wide right. Marcela got her approach to the green and salvaged a par, while Allison made a hash of her advantage with an extremely poor pitch for her second shot and wound up bogeying the hole. Score after first location: Marcela: E. Allison: +1.

Second hole: 404 yards.
Marcela split the fairway with her tee shot. However, it all went pear shaped for Allison. After a horrid drive-175 yards with her driver, also known as a Bluefalcon special-Allison really bollixed the hole by trying to hit driver off the deck from 228 yards and royally failed.  Stick a fork in Allison, cause she’s done. Marcela birdied the hole to win in style. After Allison botched her second shot, the other contestants were all crying, and so was I.  Allison seems like a nice young woman, but she also has a ways to go before her game is LPGA level. I wish her the best.

Now, on to the grades.

Anya Alvarez: Hit two good pitches in first stage of IC, but poor third shot cost her shot at immunity. Beat Gloriana  to pick up 5 additional points.  Lost to Christina, barely, in second stage of IC.  Won putting challenge of EC to stave off immunity, but is clearly growing frustrated with her inability to gain immunity earlier and lessen her stress level. Will it motivate her to do better, or cost her?  Only time will tell. Score: 7.

Selanee Henderson: Third in 1st stage of IC-like Anya, hit two good shots but couldn’t get the third shot to go her way. Beat Allison in 2nd stage of IC, but in all honesty, that was more Allison’s poor play and bad luck than Selanee’s brilliance.  Score: 6.

Marcela Leon: For a while, it looked like Marcela had a clear path to the championship match-through 4 shows she had only hit 6 shots!-but recently BBA’s most experienced player has begun to falter a little. Hit best shot in 1st stage of IC, 1’2’’, but hit two awful shots afterward to finish 5th in that challenge. Then, lost to Kelly-the player with the fewest points beat the player with the most-forcing Marcela to elimination for the first time. Missed her four foot putt to go to EC vs. Allison. Beat Allison, but has not been the dominant force she was before. As Christina so aptly put it: “She’s Human!”  Score: 5.

Allison Micheletti:  Not Allison’s finest hour. Hit a few good shots, but a lot of poor ones, including her grave error in judgment on 2nd hole of EC, which sealed her fate.  I like Allison, but she needs to polish her game up.  Score: 3.

Gloriana Soto: Won immunity in 1st stage of IC, on the strength of a great 2nd shot and the other players-Anya, Christina and Selanee-hitting poor 3rd shots. Lost to Anya in duel.  Inconsistent, but good enough to be 3rd in points right now.  Score: 6.

Christina Stockton: Hit two great shots in 1st stage of IC-Christina clearly loves her short irons and wedges-but it went off the rails on third shot to fall from 2nd to 4th in stage 1. Sqeaked by Anya in 2nd stage of IC to gain immunity. Quietly in 2nd place with 54 points.  She’s now a dark horse to win.  Score: 8.

Kelly Villareal: High point, beating Marcela in 2nd stage of IC.  Not much else to write home about otherwise. Kelly is at the bottom of the totem pole with 8 points. Doing just enough to stay alive in competition. But, is that enough to win?  Score: 5.

Once again, thank you Blue Falcon for your insights.  I can’t wait to watch the show to see if we agree 😉

I’ll be back next week with the ladies and will cover both Episode 6 and 7.

Until then…


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