Big Break Atlantis: Flirty Fashions and Foibles

When it comes to golf fashion, I’m typically on the “grey” side of the rule book.  I love the bling banned by most golf clubs and have had my share of rants and raves over the archaic rules that govern many private clubs.

So while I’ve been watching Big Break Atlantis this season I pay special attention to what the latest set of lassies are sporting on the greens.  I was pleased to see the athletic look combined with sexy skorts on many of the contestants.

And although Allison would be instantly escorted off most private courses with her workout-wear halter tanks, I thought she looked fabulous.

Blue Falcon wrote last week that Kelly looked much better off the course than on and I am having a hard time disagreeing with him.  I wasn’t keen on her attempts to stay warm on a chilly Bahama morning; Yani dressed like the champion she is.

Selanee’s showed she can take a party skirt to the links; Kelly…not so much.

But Kelly wasn’t the golfgal who gets the “You’ve got to be kidding” award for mis-style on Big Break Atlantis.

As try as I might to appreciate Zakiya’s attempts to differentiate herself, IMHO she’s overstepped even my very liberal line.  Every time I watched her swing, I wanted to yell, “Tuck it in!”

And her bottoms were even shorter than her tops.  I just couldn’t enjoy the spectacle and when I asked my golfguy what he thought, he was quick to say that he appreciated much more the sporty and stylish look of Gerina.  It was hard to argue with him.

Fashion is very personal and subjective and I applaud the work of LoudMouth Golf, Jamie Sadock and others who are pushing the limits of golf apparel.  But that doesn’t mean classic isn’t classy too.

I recently received a sample of a golf shirt from a manufacturer that makes women’s golf shirts, and on first glance looked rather ho hum to me.  Buttons up the front, single color, collared, with short sleeves – a very “country club” conforming golf shirt.

But then I felt the fabric and tried it on.  I wanted to hug myself. It was soft, very comfortable and cool at the same time.  It fit like  dream, accentuating all the positives, while underplaying the negatives.  I’ve washed it many times and it looks as good as the day I got it.   I wear it all the time.

I took a further look into Criquet Organic and  discovered that the company is very much into sustainability.  All their shirts are made with 100% organic cotton so they’re extremely soft and comfortable. Plus, there are no pesticides or synthesized fertilizers used in growing the cotton, so it doesn’t harm the soil or environment.  Given how often we golfers are blasted for harming the birds and the bees, this was a  nice surprise.  And the price tag of  only $55 fits most golfer’s budgets.

So if you are looking for a vintage-inspired shirt, combining old-school preppy with a splash of hipster, check out Criquet Organic.

Anyway, back to the Big Break Atlantis…

It looks like an exciting week ahead with “Addicted to the Rush” Marcela getting the chance to jump straight into the championship match.  Sounds like a good reason to talk to her, don’t you think?

I’ll do my best to connect with her next week and see if she’ll join Anya and Natalia in my weekly interviews.

Meanwhile, to all my fellow Canucks, “Happy Canada Day!”


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  1. I am SO glad that you brought this subject up, Gayle. As a heterosexual male, I do pay a great deal of attention to how the women-I only watch women’s golf-dress to see who looks good and who doesn’t. Obviously, female athletes have very different bodies than the average woman, and sometimes it’s hard to dress a female athlete attractively and functional for the sport they play. Some do well at it, some don’t.

    Regarding “Big Break Atlantis” fashion, Selanee has been to me the best dressed on the course. She clearly chooses clothing that flatters her body type and she also looks good off as well in the interviews.

    Zakiya was by far the biggest fashion faux pas. She tries to look like a cross between the Williams sisters and Seema Sadekar, and fails miserably on both efforts. I also haven’t been in love with the prevalance of ruffled skirts this season, as ruffles draw attention to the parts of the body women sometimes don’t want to have attention drawn to.

    It amazed me that Kelly Villareal could be so stylish in her interviews, but have such horrendous style on it. Everyone else has been a hit and miss at different times. Ladies, if you need help with your fashion, I’m always happy to help. Call me.

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