Great Gobbling Golf!

It’s almost Turkey Time and golfers are already getting in the “plucking spirit”.

Last week the ladies of Ka’anapali Resort invited all golfgals on the island (locals and tourists), to enjoy a friendly round of gobbling golf to celebrate and give thanks for all that we have.

It was a great gift for all visitors like me who only had to pay the special Ladies League rate to enjoy 18 holes of spectacular golf on a gorgeous course on Maui – Ka’anapali Kai.

Ka’anapali Kai 11th Hole – Par 3

The format this year was quite unique. There were about 10 or so teams of 4 wahines, where each golfer played her own ball, and the best score for each hole was recorded.  No surprises there.

But there was a 5th player on each team — an unfortunate turkey we chicks needed to shoot to win the big prize.  Poor birdie was dressed with numbers 2 through 5 on its tail feathers.

The goal for each team was the pluck all the feathers off the bird as fast as possible by shooting each of those scores on any of the 18 holes (only 1 pluck per hole allowed), which meant we needed to make a few birdies and eagles to win; and we needed to make them fast!

I knew I had some hens who could pluck on my team when we shot the first feather off our turkey on the first hole. 

Left to Right: Diane Fru, Linda McLean, Golfgal, Lindsay Wilkinson

But sadly we were stuck with a not-so-friendly feathered fifth who seemed to know exactly how to fowl our shots.  I don’t know what a triple bogey is called, but for me it’s now a Turkey!

Lindsay and I spent more time at the beach than on the green stuff.  And as our GolfForeGals fearless leader Diane Fru proclaimed, “If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all!”

And then there was Linda and her ability to bulls-eye any target on the course – even those she wasn’t aiming at.   Diane and I almost lost a few feathers ourselves when Linda’s ball suddenly turned into a heat-seeking missile, ricocheting off our golf cart on the 16th hole. And her target practice didn’t stop there; on the very next hole she took out a keiki tee off the fairway with a 3 wood, at which point, Diane professed, “Our turkey is really goosed now!” LOL!!!

But all in all, it was a glorious day, ending with prizes, delicious pupus and wine tasting (by the glass, not by the sip :)).

The next ladies’ open event like this is on December 20th. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make that one from Vancouver (I can’t hit that far ;)), but I expected the theme will have something to do with being “stuffed”.

Mahalo Ka’anapali Resort for a terrific tournament!

And until next November, to my gobbling golfgals… May the wind be at your back and not your golf partner with a 3 wood in her hands. 😉

Ps: Many thanks to Annie from Ka’anapali Resort for the event pictures!

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