Do Golfing Stereotypes Apply to Women Too?

Guest post by: Emily Sutherland

It seems like there are quizzes popping up left, right and centre these days but I don’t mind admitting that I’m partial to the occasional lunchtime quiz.

I noticed a new one recently that piqued my interest more than usual – What Type of Golfer Are You?

I’m sure anyone who has spent a few hours out on the green will be able to pick out the different stereotypes of golfers but more often than not, these are based on the behavioural traits of men. So I took the quiz, with the intention of seeing if similar stereotypes apply to women as well as men.

Who Am I?

Before I reveal my true golfing identity – based on the answers I gave to the quiz – I will walk you through it.

There are nine questions in total, setting the scene for different scenarios that can happen out on the course. For each question there are four possible solutions, varying from the ridiculous (yet familiarly true) to the more conventional.

Each selection you make fits a profile type. It was really interesting reading through the possible reactions to common occurrences on the course and I often found myself having a chuckle when thinking about my friends and their behaviour on the course.

But, my result; what profile do I fit on the golf course?

Apparently the profile best suited to me is that of the Corporate Golfer. It accurately told me that I won’t be winning many games on the green (I can certainly relate to that) and that I can be quite selective about when I decide to play.

It’s good fun and allows you to take your own personal trip down nostalgia lane when remembering the scenarios.


About the author: Emily regularly blogs about golf and enjoys nothing more than playing a round at her local golf club, Moor Allerton. 

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  1. This was interesting! I did feel like they could have asked gender before the test began and then adjust a few of the answers options to better fit women. But still fun. I was a “corporate golfer” too. Wonder if all women would fall into that group?

  2. I was corporate too and I agree the quiz seems biased towards women.

    I heard they are revamping it in March, so maybe a new one will have more male questions on it.


  3. Very interesting quiz, the “corporate golfer” was my profile too.

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