My Ka’anapali Royal Golf Course playlist

Although I grew up playing lots of different sports, none have kept my loyalty as long as golf has.  Sure, I’ve had my share of moments wondering why I play this infuriating game, but when  I think about life without it, I’m reminded why I love it so much even if it doesn’t always love me back.

One of the top reasons on my list is the social nature of the game.  I’ve played with people from around the world and 99% of them are golfers I’d love to meet again at the 1st tee.

One such gentleman joined us on the Ka’anapali Royal course this past November.  He must have been close to 80 and introduced himself as Billy Roy – someone with “a whole lot of South in him,” he said (we learned later that his name was just Roy – I guess he was having a little fun with us).

From the 1st tee to the 18th green, he regaled us with some of the funniest stories and quotable quotes about golf I’d ever heard.  We enjoyed the round so much we asked him to play the next day, but alas he had to fly home. I was sad to see him go.

Later that afternoon I was laying by the ocean

Happy toes

thinking about Roy and all the great people we’ve met on the course and suddenly David Havens, PGA Director of Instruction at Ka’anapali Resort from 2009 to 2016 popped into my mind.

A few years ago, David invited us to join him and one of his students who was receiving a playing lesson on the Royal Course.  Having just arrived on Maui, not having played for a couple of months, we were a little nervous about making fools of ourselves, but we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to watch David at work.

The first thing that blew us away was the rock and roll music blasting out of his cart.  I’ve heard music on ranges before, but never during a round.  I knew then that David was a  pretty special and unique golf pro – someone I wanted to get to know better.

This year, we arrived on Maui to learn that David had moved to the Maui Nui Golf Club as the Director of Instruction of The Havens Experience — a move fuelled by his desire to be closer to home (Kihei – a 45 minute drive from Ka’anapali) where he lived with his beautiful wife and two young children.

As I listening to the waves crash against the seawall remembering the rocking good times with David, it struck me that golf isn’t just a social game, it was also a very musical one, starting with the need for a good and repeatable tempo on every swing.

So I decided to put together my “swinglist” for Ka’anapali Royal based on the songs that popped into my head on each hole.  I hope you enjoy them!

#1: The Aloha Hole (par 4, handicap 5)

#2: The Maui Hole (par 3, handicap 15)

 #3: The Pu’u Keka’a Hole (par 4, handicap 3)

#4: The Maka’iwa Hole (par 4, handicap 11)

 #5: The Wa’a Hole (par 4, handicap 1)

#6: The Na Pohaku Hole (par 5, handicap 9)

#7: The Pu’u Kukui Hole (par 4, handicap 13)

#8: The Wauke Hole (par 3, handicap 17)

 #9: The Koa Hole (par 5, handicap 7)

#10: The Lanai Hole (par 4, handicap 5)

 #11: The Ka’ulula’au Hole (par 4, handicap 8)

#12: The ‘Uala Hole (par 4, handicap 14)

#13: The Kapa Hole (par 4, handicap 4)

 #14: The Makani Hole (par 4, handicap 12)

#15: The Anuenue Hole (par 3, handicap 16)

royal 15

#16: The ‘Aina Hole (par 4, handicap 10)

#17: The ‘Ohana Hole (par 3, handicap 18)

#18: The ‘Aina Hole (par 4, handicap 2)

So the next time you play a course you love, sing the song that speaks to you when you walk up to each tee box.  It’s amazing how it can relax you and put a smile on your face before you have to yell “FORE!”

Mele Kalikimaka to all my golfing friends!


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    Thanks for sharing.

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