Monthly Archives: March 2011

Does golf keep you young or make you grow old before your time?

I was always of the opinion that golf was one of those amazing sports that kept you young (maybe the only sport actually). And then I watched Adam Scott brandish that broomstick at the Chevron Match Play Championships and suddenly the “sexiest golfer on tour” looked like an old man. There has always been a lot of controversy over the ... Read More »

Eldrick…What have you done with Tiger?

It was almost 3 years ago when I wrote a full post that was all about Tiger Woods.  It’s not that he hasn’t offered a wealth of stories or gossip to share, but as my Mom always said… “People who live in glass houses…”“He/she who is without sin…”“If you don’t have anything good to say…” So “Mum” has been my ... Read More »

Match play brings out the best and worst in golfers

I love match play and wish there were many more tour events like the Accenture Match Play Championships. They attract the world’s best and every hole is a new game buzzing with renewed energy with every tee shot. My golfguy and I compete at match play quite often ourselves and have a great time. But I know deep down that ... Read More »