Monthly Archives: November 2013

Big Break NFL 6: The Infamous Doleman Double

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail On Big Break NFL last night, we saw some good shots, some bad shots and some really ugly shots… The Good – Shannon’s 7 point score from 125 yards; too bad she wasn’t “good enough” in the eyes of her team leader to own a double The Bad – Al’s attempts at up and down.  It just was NOT ... Read More »

Fore Our Troops

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Uncle Billy’s GraveCommonwealth War Graves, Artolsheim France As an army brat (a badge of honor I wear proudly), I have a  huge respect for our military and for those brave soldiers who risk their lives to protect us. My grandfather served in WW 1. My uncle was shot down and killed in WW 2 before the age of 20. ... Read More »

Big Break NFL 5 – Unnecessary Roughness

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Drama took center stage at this week’s Big Break NFL with the Doleman team once again showcasing the dark side of its creative differences. Chris obviously thinks Brian should be singing soprano even though it’s Brian coming through in the crunch, not Chris.  Something’s gotta go on that team, and sadly it seems like the leader of Team Doleman ... Read More »

Golf + Business Women = A Perfect Match

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailGuest post courtesy of Danielle Sorresso Golf has become the unrivaled Sport of Business. It is no longer just a man’s sport, but women are welcome as well. The game has been known to open doors to endless social and professional benefits. For one EWGA business professional, golf has not only become a social resource for her, but it has ... Read More »