Growing the Game of Golf one Club at a Time

One golf club at a time

During my most recent golf getaway to Maui, I played my favorite sport every day at my favorite golf resort on the island – Ka’anapali Resort. People often ask me, why Ka’anapali when there are so many great courses on the island?  And my answer is always the same, “I’ve been playing golf on Maui since 2007. Except for two …

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Team Europe Domination of Ryder Cup and Social Media Just a Coincidence?

The teams are set – the lines are drawn – rivalries are heating up – and the Regnosaurus[1] and Archaic (R & A) are proving once again why golf isn’t keeping up with the social times — all in the name of “tradition”.   Ridiculous! But regardless of the shortsightedness of the Powers that Be over selfies, the Ryder Cup will …

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