Checking your golf game for clues to your health (The Wall Street Journal)

Not sure if you want to read this one or not…

At first I thought…okay…I do walk as much as I can and when carts are mandatory at a club, I like to get dropped away from my ball and walk up to it…so I must be okay…

And then I read the rest of this and thought…Hmmph…they just described my game. So right now I feel I should just go out and shoot myself.

My partner always says…”You must be fit to play golf because golf won’t make you fit.”

Sigh….I hate it when he’s right! 🙂


Checking your golf game for clues to your health
By Tara Parker Pope
The Wall Street Journal Europe
29 May 2007

How’s your golf game? The answer may tell you a lot about your health. While golfers often focus on improving their swings and lowering their scores, sports-medicine researchers and golfindustry experts increasingly are focusing on the links between… read more…

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  1. golf oyunları

    Yes he’s right I thing 🙂

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