Yeah! Golf rated above par for exercise!

There has been some debate over whether golf is a sport. I tend to argue in favor, but I did read a letter to the editor of some paper the other day arguing that it is not a sport because you can smoke while golfing, and what other sport lets you do that? So the other side argues it is a game (like chess), but not a sport.

Well, I don’t care anymore….I’m just happy that the Mayo Clinic calls it good exercise if you walk the course (which I do). And because I tend to be an army golfer, I get even more exercise than you single handicappers. Woohhoo!

March on all you 631,000 BC golfers!


Golf rated above par for exercise
The Vancouver Sun
07 Jun 2007

If you’re a golfer — and there are 631,000 of you in B. C. — you may have been ribbed about the amount of exercise you get on the links. But here’s your vindication: The first study to count the number of steps accumulated in 18- hole rounds found… read more…

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