Give the ladieswear at least two-thirds of the golf shop floor

I can’t say I am impressed with the outfits displayed in this story (I really hate peddle pushers/pants that end at the calf), but I am impressed by one thing. This couple has made a success of their golf shop because of careful selection of products and their “conscientious decision to give the ladieswear at least two-thirds of the shop floor”.

Bravo Charlie and Dave. I wish some of the golf shops in my city would take notice. We do have one great ladies golf shop here (Agilis) and they have beautiful products, but it’s a bit pricey for the average golfer. It’s that special place you go to pamper yourself when you break 100, 95, 90, etc.

I hope to be visting there this summer to celebrate my next big break 🙂


Lady golfers are on the ball with fashion

The Journal
02 Jul 2007

OU may have noticed it was the US Open Women’s Golf Championship over the weekend, where the youngest player was just 12 years old. This proves there is no age barrier to learning golf, at whatever end of the scale you look at. Older ladies take up… read more…

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