Wie way or the highway

Wie aren’t surprised by this are Wie? Another caddie bites the dust or rather…heads to greener pastures – where he’ll get to see more “greens” because his player will be making a “wie” bit more cuts.

Sigh…Sorry Michelle…

Have you ever thought about running away from home?


Wie way or the highway

Irish Independent
22 Aug 2007

IN what could possibly be the last time Michelle Wie will ever make a headline again, it is reported David Clarke has quit as the Hawaiian’s caddie in order to tote the bag for PGA Tour player Greg Owen. It is the second caddie Wie has lost this year,… read more…

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  1. michelle wie: well ya know, me thinks i played better than my score shows. i’m getting better and better! but i’m slumming with my true golf winnings, so i can’t blame my caddie’s for bailing. wink wink, don’t tell the nike and sony exec’s since that’s what’s keeping my dad bj from working his day job and looking over my shoulder. and i get these cool nike outfits to showcase for two days since i can’t make the cunt into the weekend. but at least the press cameras got a shot at my earrings!

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