An overview of Presidents Cup in Gazette

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In follow up to my last rant about a lack of press about the Presidents Cup, I found that the Montral Gazette did put together a nice package of information on the tournament (history, line ups, etc) – they dedicated quite a few pages. (Too bad this didn’t come out a bit earlier so people could get excited and plan a trip north).

Anyway…the front page of this section is shown below. But if you want to read the whole section you need access to But that’s easy to do…. All you need to do is register at with the offer code: golfgal. Registering is easy and it doesn’t ask much beyond your name, email address and a password.

If you do register with the offer code, you will be able to read the entire paper (and hundreds of others if you wish) for an entire month for free (it’s a $99 value). Then you can compare the different coverage of the Cup across all the International papers, which can be entertaining.

The Gazette
25 Sep 2007

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