Dottie choking on her “chokin’ freakin’ dogs.” comment? Appears not…

How embarrassing to be caught “on camera” without knowing it, eh? Now all of us have said things in private that were not kind. Let’s face it – we’re human. Is it right? No…but it’s normal. And before we start throwing stones at Dottie for her slip of the tongue, let’s remember the last time we said something we hoped no one would ever hear.

I was surprised she didn’t apologize for her “chokin’ freakin’ dogs.” statement, but at the same time, she said it and she meant it when she said it. So do we want her to lie and say she didn’t mean it?

I guess this one goes down in the “memorial statements” along with Johnny Miller’s when he said that, “Craig Perry’s swing would make Ben Hogan puke.”

Anyway…it was a great tournament and I was very happy to see the US win. I guess it’s because I know the players much better and like so many of them. OR maybe it was because the European outfits were butt-ugly! Man, could they have designed anything less flattering? I don’t think so.

Anyway…I loved the whole event and hope the LPGA will introduce a “rest of world” against the US tournament on the off years. We could play it in Canada and freeze our touchies off here too 🙂

I’m still trying to figure out who Laura Davies doesn’t consider a “friend” on the US team.


Pepper jibe adds spice as US retain Solheim Cup
Lawrence Donegan
The Guardian
17 Sep 2007

After two days at Halmstad golf club memorable mostly for the spirit shown by the Europeans and for a stinging insult thrown by a former colleague of the United States’ women, the latter capitalised on their superiority yesterday to retain the Solheim… read more…

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  1. Hound Dog says it’s Nicole Castrale, which is a big surprise, b/c everybody was thinking Cristie Kerr.

  2. Hi Hound Dog…

    I agree with you. I remember seeing one of the ladies at the end say something like “Hey Laura, look here (and then she pointed to Nicole). Someone said, “oh you are so awful…” after that. So at the time I thought it must be Nicole. Surprising, don’t you think given how young she is??? Why would Laura not like her? Interesting….

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