Donald Trumped by Kilted Hunk?

Ha ha…do you believe this story? I can’t believe how much attention one stubborn fisherman is getting in the world’s news. There are a dozen stories from the UK, Australian, Israel, Moscow and the US – probably more I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve shared just two perspectives on this Scotsman who has decided to stand up the the great Mr. Trump and tell him to stick his golf course where the sunshines under his kilt!

Amazing…the women love him in his kilt (yikes!) and the mean love his moxy.

Well, I guess his 15 minutes of fame will either get him the best house on the golf course (if he sticks with his plan and makes Donny build around him) OR a plot in a nearby cemetary.

My take? Plexiglass windows will soon be in order to protect him against golf balls, or “stray” bullets. I sure wouldn’t mess with the big DT!


Ottawa Citizen
25 Oct 2007

New York Daily News
11 Oct 2007

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  1. Yep, the tattoos really are appealing also. My questions is…does the world need another Donald Trump ANYTHING?

  2. Hi Golfgal! Nice site, by the way! Good luck with it. It certainly is a David and Goliath kind of story, no doubt about that. But there’s another David in the mix now. His name is Martin Ford and he’s the chairman of the planning committee for Aberdeenshire Council who cast his deciding vote to reject the proposal, breaking a 7-7 deadlock among the committee members.

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