Girls get in the swing with Barbie

How cute is this! And about time too!

I am happy to see that girl-oriented brands like Mattel’s Barbie are starting to look beyond nursing and teaching and realizing that they have a huge influence on young girls growing up and need to show them that golf is not just a man’s sport.

If I had a daughter who liked Barbie, I’d sure get her some clubs that she’d be proud to own and use. It doesn’t even matter if they aren’t great quality. Just get her away from “playing house” and get her outdoors playing golf (with you!)

I can’t count the number of times that parents have said to me that they are too busy to golf after they have kids. Hmmm…they aren’t too busy to drive the kids to 5 AM hockey practice or after school ballet. Why not do something “with them” instead of driving them to their next sport practice just to watch them?

I never really saw Barbie as a good role model for girls, but maybe they’re finally realizing that 39-19-33 isn’t the “measure” that young girls should strive for.

Well done Mattel!


Girls get in the swing
Chicago Sun-Times
26 Oct 2007

Barbie has always been about fashion. The famous doll also has been much more, ranging from an astronaut to an athlete. Next up: The Barbie brand is reaching out to introduce young girls to golf. In November, Mattel will introduce a Barbie golf club… read more…

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