I’ll be back! says Annika

It was a sad day for Annika and all her fans on Friday when she narrowly missed being one of the semi final group of 16 at the ADT Championship. I felt so bad watching her. She’s been my favorite for many years and a fabulous role model for golfers everywhere – both men and women.

It must be difficult to watch the youngsters pass you by. In business, age = experience and typically promotions up the corporate ladder, but in golf, age is your enemy. Sure, you can still golf, but it’s so much harder to keep on top of the leaderboard. For winners, that must be very hard to accept, but accept you must.

I saw that she and Mike McGee have postponed their wedding to 2009 so she can take one last run at being number 1.

I wonder if this is a good idea….I am confident she’ll win again, just as I am with Julie Inkster, but I think the numero uno spot is over for Annika. The competition is just too stiff with Lorena and the other young guns showing they’ve got the stuff to win – and win often.

I think Annika should keep competing for sure, but not at the expense of her personal life. I’d like to see her get married, have kids (if she wants them) and enjoy her new passions such as her foundation, academy, clothing line and blog (have you seen it?).

You’ll always be number 1 with fans like me, Annika. I hope this year won’t make you postpone your personal happiness for the elusive #1 spot again. Is it really worth it? You have so much more to look forward to…


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