Mickelson Wants Golf to be an Olympic Sport

Well, this was nice to see. Lefty agrees with me and obviously all of you :), that golf is a sport and should be recognized as one by the Olympic Committee.

It was part of the Olympics in 1900 and 1904, but some idiots decided that all that should change and so 103 years later, we’re still debating an issue which should be a no-brainer if you ask me.

If curling is a sport, then golf is a sport. Period!

Thanks Lefty for raising the awareness. Perhaps we should get a petition going online. Hey Golf Channel…you have the big bucks now, why not set it up?


Gulf News
02 Nov 2007

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  1. Golf is definitely worthy of becoming an Olympic event. However fitting it into the current schedule of Tours would be difficult. Some sort of qualifiers would need incorporating into it too given that it is fair to assume more players would want to participate than there would be places available. Also what format would it be played in? There would be a question of it being a team event or individual which all needs clearing up before it can be considered.

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