From golf balls to mini masterpieces

Now, how cute are these! Who would have thought you could carve a golf ball? Ok, so I’ve sliced many a golf ball and I do remember back in the olden days, cutting the cover off and pulling on the elastics wrapped around the core and making it bounce like a mexican jumping bean, but carving one? This one’s new to me…

It would appear that Mr. Rhodes isn’t make a living out of selling his art, but he does have a book that will teach you what he knows.

I wish he would set up an website where you could order a custom carving from him – a favorite player or even one of your spouse. I think they’d be great gifts, but I guess it would be a 24 hr a day job to fulfill all the orders.

I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures and his story in the Washington Times Daily today – too cute for words.


Slicing a niche out of golf balls
The Washington Times Daily
19 Dec 2007

WARSAW, Va. — Hitting golf balls becomes an obsession to some people, but Tom Rhodes can’t stop turning them into works of art. He cuts them with coping saws, gouges them with knives and creates caricature faces with toothy grins. Then, when he tires…read more…

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The Washington Times Daily
19 Dec 2007

Revelation, it’s in the book. According to the book’s list of 735 kinds of golf balls that Mr. Rhodes has cut into, the Revelation’s core is dull orange with specks. Mr. Rhodes, who retired as VDOT’s Warsaw residency engineer in 1991, blames his…read more…

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