Ho Ho Ho Hum…No surprises…Tiger won…

Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore…10 weeks off and he wipes the field, again! Ho hum…

It is a beautiful thing to watch him play and I’m a big fan, but I have to say I turned the sound down on the TV watching the final round because of the blubbering of the media over him, hole after hole after hole. It was getting sickening listening to them. Even though he is great – no bout adout it – there are other players we want to watch and hear about. So guys…lay off the verbal genuflecting. It’s now over the top and boring…Tiger’s not boring…it’s you the media that are boring.

Speaking of Tiger…maybe I’m not “in” with the latest fashion, but I find vests over short sleeves very “old manish” – not cool at all. Vests over long sleeves, ok…but over a golf shirt? No…stick with long sleeves under a vest and roll them up instead. Much cooler…IMHO 🙂

Ok…back to more important stuff…What I did watch and listen to was the South African Airways open. It was really pleased to see James Kingston win. Although they cut the coverage off because it ran too late, you could see how much it meant to him and how nervous he was. And after screaming at Oliver Wilson to “hit the friggen ball!” (as you can tell…I hate slow play!), I was really glad Firestone won. I would have hated it if Wilson, with his constant regripping, had taken the trophy. It was also great to see Darren Clarke play well and end up tied for third. I really hope 2008 is a big year for him. And although Ernie seemed to be carrying the weight of last week’s disaster on his shoulders early in the tournament, it was good to see him pull off a 69 on the final day to tie for 16th.

And I guess a hooked Shark is a happy Shark, because the very buff Greg Norman was a beauty to watch on the course this past weekend. But I think he should stick to his cool hats and let the less GQ guys wear the golf caps. But either way…he’s as nice to watch as Tiger as far as I’m concerned.

And more good news this weekend as well…Annika Sorenstam ended a tough season in the best possible fashion by retaining the Dubai Women’s Masters yesterday at the Emirates Club. Too bad for Iben Tinning with her double bogey on the final hole (remined me of Ernie) to lose to Annika, but hey…that’s why they call it golf.

And then we have Craig (Popeye) Parry shoot a final-round 69 and win the Australian Open title for the first time in 24 attempts at The Australian Golf Club in Sydney yesterday, beating out Nick O’Hern and Brandt Snedeker. I wish that had been televised. I would have loved to have seen Matthew Zions earlier fire a rare albatross at the par-five 14th.

So lots happened in golf this weekend, but the media are sparse with coverage on most of it except the world’s number one. Too bad…Tiger may be number 1 by a long shot, but the other pros are not just ‘also rans’. They are good and they deserve more attention. Let’s give it to them, shall we?


Monday – Sport
17 Dec 2007

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