The Hank Haney/Tiger Woods story…It is better to make a king…

…than to be one.

Below is a good article about Hank Haney and Tiger Woods. I really do recommend you read it. It made me like Haney a whole lot more…

Now…I have nothing against Butch Harmon, but he’s so “out there” and there is a lot of media around him and Phil and it’s almost a bit tabloid-ish to me.

Both are obviously excellent teachers, But, Hank Haney is different. Haney is unassuming and quietly confident which I really like. Harmon can shoot off at the mouth from time to time.

Anyway, I love the way Haney shared with the First Tee kids the meaning of not giving up and saying that he thinks Earl Woods is the greatest coach who ever lived. That’s quite a compliment.

As he said to the impressionable younsters about Tiger…“He never, ever, ever quits. Athletes say they don’t quit, but they don’t define quitting the same way that Earl Woods defined quitting. They might not quit in their mind, but Tiger really doesn’t quit.”

Then he told them a story that he had heard from Tiger’s dad…

On the day Tiger turned 17, he struggled early in his round at the Orange Bowl International and began sulking on the course. Tiger’s father rarely raised his voice to his son (I think that was mom’s job ;)), but Earl made an exception after that round. He said to Tiger, “You can’t act like that on a golf course! Golf doesn’t owe you anything. This tournament doesn’t owe you anything. The only one who owes anything is you owe it to yourself to try your best every time you play.”

Apparently, Tiger didn’t say a word that day or the next. But after two days, he came up to his dad and said, ‘Pops, I heard every word you said. I promise you, I’ll never quit again.’

And he never has.

I guess this kind of sums up Tiger – you can always take him at his word (even when you may not always like what he says).

I am embarrassed to say that I not only have quit when the going got really tough, sometimes I didn’t even get started. Sigh…time for some self discipline I guess…

Funny…I suddenly feel a New Year’s Resolution moment coming on.


He’s the man who teaches Tiger
The Houston Chronicle
01 Apr 2008

For somebody who never made it on the PGA Tour, Hank Haney sure has his fingerprints all over golf history. Haney is the swing instructor and a trusted lieutenant of Tiger Woods. He is one of the few allowed inside the Sultan of Swoosh’s inner circle…. read more…

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  1. Hank (or ‘Slim’ as he was called by some of the members of the Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, TX where he was Director of Golf) has been in Texas long enough for most folks to forget he is not from Texas. I have run into Hank a few times here in the Dallas area and have on occasion over hear him holding court at his teaching facility. He is just a regular guy with a very keen eye for the golf swing. In my comparison of Hank and Butch, they are on opposite ends of the scale with Butch being on the Power Game end and Hank on the finesse end. Both have done well with Tiger and took Tiger where Earl could not. I will agree, Hank could be the next Harvey Penick if he hangs with Tiger for awhile…being known as the Tiger Tamer or the Builder of Kings will server Hank well.

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  3. Always love the value added comments from Mr. Business Golf. Thanks!!!

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